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I'm Sorry

July 5, 2013
By AdrianaMartinez SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
AdrianaMartinez SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
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I’m sorry I’m not a Manhattan girl with a Gucci bag in a hand and five bags of the latest outfits in the other. I’m sorry I don’t have a jersey accent nor a southern one. I’m sorry you have to listen to me repeat myself six times for you to comprehend my pronunciation. To comprehend the “border-crossing immigrant” who only takes up space in a roomful of people who deserve to be here. Here, where I have grown to understand that not everyone is the same. Not everyone is at the same social class. And quite frankly, most of it depends from what race you come from. I’m sorry I came from a race where not everyone is known for their beauty or their outstanding academic achievements, but rather for mistakes that a couple of careless people make. And we have to live with that stereotype. So overall, I’m sorry I’m not your typical pure American citizen, but rather a Mexican-American human being.

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