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Proposition 8

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

In my opinion Proposition 8 should be destroyed just like the lives they are destroying with it. It is unconstitutional for anyone; state Supreme Court or person should be able to define someone’s significant other who they want to spend their life with. In the constitution it gives equal rights to citizens of the United States of America, so for any gay or lesbian they should have the same rights as someone of “traditional” relations meaning they should be able to get married just the same. America is made up of a melting pot of different languages, religions, nationalities, and races. There are no set backs or restrictions on anyone of those differences so why should there be on a person’s opinion on the life they live. America is known to be built with founders who had the mentality of changing and revolutionizing the lives of Americans. We should keep that tradition and allow people of same-sex relationships to prove their devotion to one another with legal marriage. Now if we keep the same thought on having a “traditional” one man one woman marriage we are only going backwards in trying to revolutionize. Take for example the election of the first African American president, we moved forward with that historic moment, but say we had a law against anyone of an African American race to be elected president. It we are called unjust, unconstitutional, and unfair. This same thought should be given to the ruling of proposition 8. The ruling is a setback on the other accomplishments we made with the differences in our country. To hold someone back against their goal in life and to “pursue happiness” should be against the law. It is wrong and unjust; everyone’s tradition is not the same so why should this so called “tradition” be the same in California. So in conclusion the Proposition 8 should be repelled and gay or lesbian marriages should be allowed.

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