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Bisexuality Is Real

March 12, 2019
By tissantiago SILVER, Tirana, Other
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The world is made to be on one side or another: man or woman, black or white, good or bad, heterosexual or homosexual. This is where the concept of bisexuality comes in. It is something completely normal. It is something real. For many parents, when a child tells them that they are bisexual, they believe that it is only a stage, something that will occur for a certain time or that their child is gay. But no, bisexuality is something that exists.

Let's start by looking at it from a scientific point of view. Each person is a world to his own and the brain has a lot to do with it. The way that our neurons activate and communicate with each other determines how we act. A study published by the journal Nature in 2017 proved that bisexuality is associated with neurobiological characteristics very different from homosexual and heterosexual people. In this project, approximately 80 people participated, 28 bisexuals, 26 heterosexuals and 28 homosexuals. All these individuals had different ages, ethnic groups, and origins to have broad results. The objective of the project was to study the parts of the brain associated with pleasure. In heterosexuals, these areas responded to images of people of the opposite sex, while homosexuals with individuals of the same sex; for bisexuals, the brain reacted as if the differences between men and women were not important. In some ways, the difference between these two genders was forgotten and they reacted with pleasure to both (Safron et al.).

Another great myth about bisexuality is the belief that because you are bisexual you are “Immature”. According to Rubén Campero, a graduate in Psychology and sexologist, a specialist in gender and sexual diversity, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, understands maturity as a final destination that "normal" people come in. The psychologist explained that many times they are categorized as "homosexuals in the closet". However, in some cultures, where the concept of homosexuality is bad, some young people hide behind bisexuality.

 "In these cases, presenting as a viewer is seen as part of a process of assimilation of a sexual orientation that is questioned as the homosexual. It would be the way in which someone who feels attraction for people of the same sex begins through this mixture to get used to himself and others to his sexual orientation,” Campero said.

There is an internal conflict in the LGBT community according to Campero. "For some gay and lesbian people, bisexuality allows the introduction of heterosexuality, in a dangerous and incoherent way, in a space where there is a need to differentiate (La Bisexualidad Existe Y No Es Una Etapa | Sentiido).

 In 2013, a survey 3.made by Pew Research Center asked around 1200 Gays, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender adults. The result shows that only 20% of bisexuals say being bisexual is extremely or very important to their overall identity. The shares of gay men (48%) and lesbians (50%) who say the same about their sexual orientations are much higher. Another point that supports this idea is that bisexuals are less likely to “Come out” as gays and lesbians. The point here is that bisexual people don’t give the importance to said what their sexual preference is (Parker).

Being bisexual is something completely normal as being Homosexual or heterosexual. The way we see the word is what determines how we would react to new ideas, the way we perceive the different concepts. Bisexuality is part of our world our community, it is loving without concern on the gender.

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These pieces open a door of understanding to the opinion od the different.

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SOMEBODY SAID IT!!! Magnificent work, my fellow writer. Please keep writing; the world needs it.