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Feedback on Mandarin Sweet as Juice This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     "Mandarin, Sweet as Juice," was such an inspiration for me. The author, Saraswati, viewed learning a different language as something beneficial and not just something pointless where someone would typically ask, "Why am I doing this... (more »)
Typical High Schooler
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Another black bag sits at the end of the hallway. Mom is cooking, dad is reading the paper, and I… well I am sitting lazy. Texting, snapchatting, listening to music. I guess it is time that I should take out the trash. But my bed is so... (more »)
Response to Texting and Driving
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The article, "Texting can Wait", is such a great article. This article that Keith wrote should be shared all around news sources and social media. In my opinion this article deserves a prize and so much recognition because his point of view... (more »)
Texting Can Wait
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I wholeheartedly agree with Keith A. in his article about texting and driving. Texting while driving can have its consequences in many ways; for example, "I made the stellar decision to pull out my phone to play some music, I started to... (more »)
Brooklyn Beginnings
By , glendale, AZ
In the article, "Brooklyn Beginnings," I can relate so much with Kerishma because at times I feel the need to impress everyone around me or go out of my way to make my family proud of what I have accomplished and what I can accomplish. Although... (more »)
102 Stories High
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A big round of applause for Isabel L. for her article, "102 Stories High". She perfectly wrote a fictional article on why most people like to get away and spend time just watchingthe world go on. Especially when you escape all the... (more »)
“Labels we live by” by Anudeepa R.
By , phoenix, AZ
I found Anudeepa R.’s article “Labels we live by” extreamly moving because everything she she wrote spoke the truth. We judge someone before we get to know them, “ each of us lives with labels about our intelligence,... (more »)
Our Numbered Days by Angelina L.
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The book review of Our Numbered Days by Angelina L. caught my attention right away. The way she says that the book is a mixture of love, hope, and shows about life was amazing. I have read about to sections of the book but not all of it. I... (more »)
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I can relate to Jessica L. when she wrote about images in her article images because she describes how people have a feeling when they see themselves. It is like looking at a different person who judges who they are. Another image she explains... (more »)
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Dear, Nicole S., i honor you for our ability to make your words flow and come together for a beautiful piece. Your message is strong and beautifully executed. The way you place your words portray your message freely and accurately. Thank you... (more »)
Labels We Live By
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Anudeepa R.'s article Labels We Live By sends a meaningful and poweful message to teens. Anudeepa teaches teens to embrace who they are, and not what someone else wants you to be. Words that strangers labvekl you by doesn't mean... (more »)
Boy Scouts Is For Boys This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I can appreciate Rik Bhattacharyya's acticl "Boy couts Is for Boys" o a few points, first off, i'd lik to agree with your thought that co-ed troops would cause more trouble for camp leaders, who woud have to keep watch at night i case of teens... (more »)
Labels we live by: Review This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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"Labels We Live By" is an outstanding piece discussing the journey many people have to face when breaking out of the labels that were given to them the moment they are seen. Anudeepa Ramachadian, the author, speaks about his experience and how... (more »)
Kenyon Review This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I love the article “Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop”written by Sophia Cetina. It is a story about high schooolers joining a pre- college camp in Ohio and how it happens during the summer.I can relate to her because college is a big part... (more »)
"I Have A Name"
Wow Matthew Esselsrom, that article about how your grandma didn't accept your choices as a Transgender male is really touching. I have many friends who aren't accepted by their peers and guardians sexuality and gender wise. Thank you for sharing... (more »)
Fighting for my generation This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Jamie Margolin goes above and beyond to support her cause of fighting for the future. Taking hours out of the days to do what most other teens wouldn't ever want to do. It seems that the voices of the younger public are always being muffled out... (more »)
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