Youth Lack Life Skills

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The Points of View article “Youth Lack Life Skills” by Brielle Black showed that teenagers today do not know important skills, such as knitting or cooking, that will greatly help them in the future. Most schools do not mandate learning these abilities. So, students are at a disadvantage when they leave the comforts of home to college and the rest of their lives. Although shocking at first, this fact is actually true.

After reading the article, I realized how correct Brielle was. I did not know many important life skills, such as cooking. I also have never taken the time to learn these skills, like many other teenagers. This proved Brielle’s beliefs and will, as Brielle also stated, hurt me in the future.

In “Youth Lacks Life Skills,” Brielle provided convincing evidence to support her idea. For example, Brielle stated that learning life skills, such as cooking, could help college students save money in their costly universities. Brielle also stated that schools focus mainly on more academic courses rather than teaching the important skills. Even though this may be true, this does not prevent teenagers from learning these necessities. Students may still be able to take classes, even for only one semester. However, many may not want to, resulting in the lack of life skills.

If teenagers today do not know or learn life skills, their lives would get progressively harder. To prevent this, schools could try to make mandatory home economic classes, like how Brielle envisioned it. Families could also try to help, even though this may be difficult. If teenagers learned the life changing skills, the world would be a better place.

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