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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Stress today can be overwhelming, and can seem to control your life. Don’t fret; I’m here to inform you of how to thwart stress in your daily life. For many people stress can take over their life and run it out of control, but you as a student need not worry about succumbing to the pressures of society. Follow the following stress management tips and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free lifestyle.
Feeling overwhelmed can be a harbinger of an over-loaded schedule. The first step to becoming stress free is to have a time of respite, take time to relax. Try listening to your favorite music in a remote place to take your mind off any pressures you might have. Everyone needs time to recuperate. Don’t feel bad about taking some. Students today are doing too much at once. Organize your priorities and take care of things one at a time, there’s no need to be ubiquitous. Using time wisely can greatly reduce stress of deadlines. Use study halls and class time effectively, and it won’t be something you’ll have to deal with later. Don’t waste time doing excruciating tasks when you realize you need help. Ask for assistance; everyone needs help at some point. Once you take a break from life a little, things reverberate back to normal in no time. Stress is also directly linked to poor eating habits. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and time should always be set aside for it. Many children today skip this and it can be directly linked to feeling stressed. Remember to take one day at a time.
Stress is a malignant part of everyone’s life. Stress will run you into the ground unless you learn to take control. Life’s not something that should be spent worrying. Always remember that you are in total control and sometimes you just need to slow down. Follow the steps above and you’ll be on your way to stress-free living.

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