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Diets on Holiday

June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

I gather your eyes here today to bring to light something terrible. It is silently working its way from doorstep to doorstep, costing money, and stripping happiness from anything it touches. It wreaks havoc on an individual’s life, and leaves them no better than they were. This thing which I speak of is none other than, diet food! I believe that diet food is an injustice to all humanity, because it costs lots of money and doesn’t even help!

Feeling a little flabby? Do you want to have the body that you have always dreamed of? According to the advertisements on TV, by simply picking up the phone and dialing the toll free number, you can order yourself an entire months worth of food, which they practically say is guaranteed to do whatever you want it to. Although before even actually receiving your order, diet food has already crossed the line. It tricked you into buying it by using false, misleading advertising. In addition it has set you back an enormous amount of money!

After the mail man drops off your refrigerated package, you tear into it expecting to see little silver trays, with scrumptious meals just waiting to be eaten. Although after your first week of eating these meals, you feel terrible. Tiny little microwavable pork chops just aren’t enough to keep you healthy. This is the other reason why diet food crosses the line. It just tastes terrible! And the only reason you might be losing weight, is because you are barely eating anything! All you are doing is starving yourself.

Now I hear people saying how they have tried everything and this is their last resort. But they are simply wrong. Because the alternative to diet food, or any other “diet solution”, is simply exercise! It is fail safe. If you just get up, go to the gym, and put some time into your body each day, you will lose that weight. So for those people who say exercise doesn’t work, they apparently don’t understand what exercise even is. For every calorie you consume, you’ve just got to burn that same amount plus a little more.

So for those who say that it’s their only option, they are wrong. You can lose weight without spending lots of money and starving yourself. Plus, going to the gym doesn’t just help you lose weight. It helps you feel better and makes you healthier in every single way! Diet food is not the answer!

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