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Smoking Stinks

July 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Why doesn’t the sales clerk warn you that you’re killing yourself? Why don’t people who see you walk by smoking smack you in the face like on those V8 commercials? Well because most smokers can’t quit. Tobacco is so addicting that people are dying just to have a cigarette 4 times a day.

Smoking isn’t cool. Even if all the popular people are doing it that doesn’t mean you have to. But of course you don’t have to blow your cool over it. If someone offers you a cigarette just say, “No thanks, man,” or “I promised to be home by now,” and then avoid those people.
They want you to become addicted; they want you to endanger yourself. That’s their wish! But even if you don’t give in to peer pressure the first time, if you still hang out with them you are inviting trouble to come your way.

Do you know what smoking does to you? It makes you wrinkly, it turns your lungs black and no matter what, once you start you can’t stop. Some of my grandparents used to smoke and now spend an hour each time they see me to make sure I don’t start. My uncle died from smoking!

My grandpa used to smoke. He smoked until his lungs turned black! One day he went to the doctors and they said you have to quit smoking or else you will dye very soon.
And not only doctors can tell but other people can tell. Company can smell the smoke in your house and they can see it in your face, and remember all those breaks you have to take from working at Kroger or Starbucks or wherever. Those are noticeable to.
So if you do start, it’s not all your fault. Sure you gave in to peer pressure and went against your better judgment but you’re not the only one guilty. All those people who sell you the cigarettes are guilty and if your friends and family don’t tell you to quit its like Randy Pausch said in The Last Lecture, “You’re critics tell you they still love you and have faith in you. The people who don’t have given up on you.” So talk about smoking with your parents and find your own way of saying NO! Because smoking stinks.

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