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The Killer

October 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Animals in the wilderness. They call me the killer! Why? It happened at Wind Wood Ranch one day after school. It was my first real hunting trip ever. There were deer, elk, hog, and coyote from what I had seen. I felt like the luckiest boy on earth my first real hunting trip! That evening the guide was driving me around to give me an idea about how the property was laid out. That night I ate some roast, potatoes, and gravy for dinner. After dinner it was time to get to bed and get ready for the big day ahead of me. I had to get up at five o’clock. Let me tell you, that morning was no disappointment. It was about seven when the feeders went off. There was a small fawn to my right. I just watched the little guy until about seven fifteen, or seven twenty. Suddenly I heard a strange stomping noise much like a stampede. I thought that it was the cows, but instead to my astonishment it was a pack of twelve pigs! This made my heart pound like crazy! Right out in front of me there was a huge black boar; definitely a shooter pig. As I watched their movements, I noticed the pig was heading for the sticks so I grabbed the 7mm. Winchester mag., I put the rifle up on the window sill of the blind, and waited for the perfect shot moment to come. He got right to the left of me so I shifted my position and put the crosshairs right where his ear met his head. I loaded a round in the chamber by sliding the bolt forward. After closing the bolt, I took the rifle off safety and gently squeezed the trigger. I heard a punching noise which was the bullet hitting the boar. Then BANG! I heard the gun shot. The other pigs from the pack stood very still because the gunshot stunned them for a second or two. As they were standing still I shifted my position yet again and put the crosshairs on another pig; slightly smaller. As time went on the other pig I was going to shoot started to run, so I followed him with the crosshairs on him the whole time. BANG! Another shot and this one went down as well! Although I shot him in the back, it was still a clean kill. I waited in the blind for the guide to come pick me up after both boars had been shot. When he got there it was maybe eight thirty if I can remember correctly. As the guide congratulated me for the kill, the feeling of finality was slowly starting to hit me. I knew I had to leave soon but the happiness that those two kills brought me was unbelievable! After a long weekend of hunting, my time at Wind Wood Ranch was up. The owner of the ranch, Mr. Ron, said that I was a crack shot, and gave me the name “The Killer”. As I was heading home I couldn’t stop thinking about how one great weekend changed my life forever. The animals in the wilderness at Wind Wood Ranch I’m sure will never forget… “The Killer”.

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