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Green Living

October 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Our world has been greatly affected by climate change and it is critical that people, young and old, educated and non-educated, band together and fight it. But perhaps the most important factor is our children, our future. That is why I think it is important that children learn how to be eco-friendly at an early age.

If there was anything I could do to help, I would urge a national requirement to have a class about being “green”, Green Living could be its name. Every school in the U.S. would be required to teach their students about Global Warming, its effects and what they can do to curb their carbon footprint.

In the classes, students would have projects where they would find solutions to every day energy problems, what they do to the earth and how average Americans can help. Students would be urged to implement what they learned in this class and use it in their own homes, where it will affect the whole family.

Too many people in this world think that global warming is not a threat and that is one of our biggest problems. How are children suppose to curb global warming if they grow up not caring and not knowing about its dangers!? Children should be exposed to ways they can help in elementary school, which is why it is so important that more schools offer a class for educating those who care.

However, to be able to be effective with their lessons, schools must take steps to be “green” too. What would children be taking away from the class if lights were always left on and there were no recycling bins in the classroom? We would be hypocrites and that is not the type of lesson students should be taking with them. When schools are renovated or built, towns should support an eco-friendly design that would not only save energy, but it would also reduce the energy bills.

Green Living and green schools are a new wave that should be sweeping the nation, but it’s not. What will it take for Americans to get off their couches and change an incandescent light bulb to a fluorescent? If we can’t even do that, how will our future leaders respond after years of living in a community where preserving our world’s natural integrity just isn’t important? Schools and the government should be responsible for teaching their students about Global Warming and educating them as soon as possible. Seriously, how many people does it take to screw in a fluorescent light bulb?

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