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Shaping our path towards sustainable development

September 3, 2013
By thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
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Sustainability-a question for which we are all responsible- can be achieved with an environmentally sound future- equitable resource distribution and optimum usage of the exploited resources.
Governments have varied duties. Making peace, the first, is a crucial step towards attaining a sustainable future. The best path to peace is an ‘international democracy’; by extending democracy worldwide, giving each country equal veto/voting rights, framing an international unbiased constitution, and a powerful, independent judiciary. Equitable distribution internationally can be ensured if all countries mutually know and agree upon a pact to mediate between resources they lack, and have in surplus- minimizing wastage and hoarding. Improving technology to support sustainable practices must be a decentralized effort, with laws to allocate resources for such research in every country. For poor countries grappling at other more, pressing issues, higher education in the best universities worldwide must be freely bestowed on certain gifted citizens, so that they can pursue effective and competitive research on returning to their homeland.
Governments should include local people in their conservation efforts. Laws must reward rather than ban. People like to be appreciated. Methods of sustainable development should be learnt from the forest people who have sustained successfully for generations; these practices must be deployed on a large scale. Special aid in terms of biogas plants/bio-pesticides or eco-friendly installments must be provided to those farmers using manure instead of chemical fertilizers. Rainwater harvesting structures and government installed windmills/solar panels in every house must be made mandatory. Dustbins for segregation of wastes must be installed in all neighborhoods.
The rich are the most responsible ones for they overuse resources, energy and dump huge amounts with their large scale projects. They should, therefore be taxed additionally- an amount towards aiding conservation projects. Industries must compete to improve their technology to reduce pollution and improve output quality with lesser resource inputs. Electronic companies should be encouraged to compete in terms of newer, environmentally friendlier technologies, which would widen the reach of eco-friendly devices to commoners at lower costs. Sustainable practices and ecofriendly products should be endorsed by celebrities so as to attract popular usage. For every tree deforested by industries, ten new ones must be planted in its place, to ensure effective afforestation.
All countries are responsible for earth. But each one of them has varying amount of responsibility, directly proportionate the amount of resources they exploit. Richer nations must invest greater in inventing sustainable practices, and accelerate awareness about sustainability in underdeveloped places. Newly developing countries’ duty is develop green economies with sustainable practices by decentralizing development efforts among the poorest, aiding them with paid employment in exchange for successful conservation of forests, thus combining prosperity with sustainability. Forested spaces must be inculcated in cities to aid ventilation; woods, springs and lawns to enhance aesthetic beauty.
It is citizens’ duty to scrutinize government’s steps towards sustainability and actively participate in eco-friendly activities. Environmentally wise practices could be rewarded with saplings. It’s people’s responsibility to form associations that educate, practice, and serve as a nursery of different plant varieties, so that people can borrow and plant one sapling, and return it’s offspring when it produces one, serving as an afforestation library.
Children’s birthdays could be celebrated by asking them to plant the number of trees corresponding to their age. Cycling must replace other locomotives. Trams/trains/street lights should all run on renewable energy.
Sustainability is vital for a bright future in which we are going to be a part.
Are we ready to take responsibility for it? Yes! If we have so efficiently exploited, we should be able to conserve just as well.

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