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Better Place to Live

June 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Better Place to Live

Making my community a better place…… it kind of sounds difficult, but maybe it isn’t really that hard a thing to make. There can be many things like recycling, helping others, and more. I don’t help the world to be better place in various ways, but I always try to save the environment and help out people.
One way to rescue the green planet with my own hands is to recycle. I started recycling as long as I can remember, and was influenced by my mom who always recycles everything. She recycles paper, plastics, glasses, Styrofoam, cans and vinyl. When I was too young to understand what recycling really is, what the environment really is, I just threw away everything away in the garbage can. Then, my mom thought it was time to teach me about the importance of recycling.
She taught me to throw paper away in one apple box where she kept all the paper and recycled it on Thursday (if I remember correctly). At that time, she didn’t let me touch glass because she thought it were too dangerous for me, but I could throw away in right places my doodling that I didn’t like, or some plastics that I had drank and emptied.
Then I grew up and she taught me about glass, Styrofoam, cans and vinyl. Sometimes I don’t know about my garbage correctly, and I throw it into the wrong basket. She teaches me about it, and I try to remember and do it correctly the next time. I think it really does save our environment.
I help out my neighbors like friends, adults, and little kids; everyone I can. I usually help my friends with answering them about problems they feel difficult. Like math or science that I am good at. When I help someone with I feel happy and good because it makes me feel that I did something good job and my little help can be a big help to somebody else. Helping adults are kind of hard sometimes. I become shy in front of adults which make me not to help them. But, if I know him or her I help with by asking what I can help. I hardly ever reject someone who asks me for help even if I have something important. It’s just too hard to ignore people who need my help. I wonder if it really can change whole community a lot better.
I learned that something really small can make my community better to live. Even if it is small it can be really effective. I wish my help can be effective too. I wish I can be a big help to everyone!

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