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Hybrid Cars

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

One of the most controversial issues of today is if the relatively new invention of the hybrid vehicles is worth paying the slightly more expensive initial fee. The initial fee is more expensive than some conventional vehicles because of the batteries and charging equipment required. The benefit of the hybrid car is the miles per gallon the car gets and how rarely you have to fill up the car with gas, but does that pay off the initial fee?

The average American is estimated to save about seven thousand dollars in gas in five years. That seven thousand dollars might not cover the initial fee difference of a conventional car but it does help save our economy. Since you would not be filling your car up as much you would be saving gas, and the more people that are driving hybrid cars the more gas that is being saved. This over a long period of time will begin to lower gas prices because people will not need as much and the small supply of oil which we have now will not be used as much.

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