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Saving the Environment

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

We’ve all heard of global warming, forests that are being destroyed by logging, polluted water, and potentially running out of natural recourses. But what we haven’t heard is the government creating, and putting into action a good solid plan to fix these issues. America is one of the most powerful nations in the world, and third world countries are doing more to fix these issues than we are. This is a fact that we should all be embarrassed of.

Many people would do more if they only knew how simple it is to really make deference. The very first thing that needs to happen is getting word out to people. All it takes is turning off lights when leaving a room, recycling whatever can be, driving with friends when going the same place, and walking more.

Turning off lights is such a simple thing to do. It saves energy which helps with global warming. For your benefit, it will save on utilities as well. Plus a dim setting can often have a relaxing effect. Recycling is also really helpful to the environment. Many cities now have a service that comes by to collect it, much like they do with trash. It really does not require much more effort, and can have an amazing effect. Driving with friends is a great way to cut back on pollution, while saving money. With how high gas prices are getting, that could be a big help to many people. And driving with friends is just more fun. You can catch up with each other, while working together to save the environment. Another option is walking. These days people many people rarely think of, or would be willing to do this. What they don’t realize is when it’s only a relatively short distance, it doesn’t take that long, and you can get exercise at the same time. By walking you get health benefits along with helping the world.

Many people think they cant do much to help, but what they don’t realize, is if everyone who thought that, did something to help, we can really clean our world up. The idea above are just a few ways to get involved in helping, but there are many more. Hopefully in the near future, the world can come together to save our planet.

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