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People... The Real Problem

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

One of the largest environmental issues, as well as economic problems, is transportation. People are willing to invest in a hybrid car to make their three or four mile commute to work in order to save the environment. However, they would be unwilling to ride a bike or walk and really help the environment while saving money and knocking out part of the obesity problem. Simply put, Americans are willing to modify their means of transportation to suit their lifestyle but are unwilling to change their lifestyle when a lifestyle change becomes a necessity to actually achieve our environmental goals. People are slowly becoming willing to trade in their SUVs for smaller more fuel efficient cars for the longer daily commutes but still are willing to fork out money for high gas prices in order to maintain individual transit. The real solution is mass transit but this is unlikely in America since that would require a lifestyle change. People are willing to talk about what needs to be done, but when it comes to action, people seem to become paralyzed waiting for the next guy to do it first. Saving the environment is out of the hands of the government and the big oil companies. It comes down to what the people want and are willing to do as it always has.

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