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Natural Energy

December 16, 2007
By Anonymous

Electrical bills are adding up to enormous sums. You have to pay the electrical company each month for the energy you use to power your home. If you used natural energy sources you might not have to do that though.

Many people living in sunny, even windy areas don’t realize they can use these resources to power their homes. People in California could easily use the sun for energy and people in the great plains could use wind. It’s just a matter of getting the proper equipment. Although it may cost a lot of money, in the end it would save you. You also might not have to pay the electrical company at all anymore.

Why stop at houses? There are so many things that could be converted into running on solar energy. For example if there was a wider variety of solar cars on the market, more people might look to them when they need a new car. It would prevent so many people from filling up at the gas pumps. It would also lessen the fumes from cars that are in the atmosphere. If more people switched to natural energy, it would make a significant impact on the planet. Car fumes wouldn’t pollute our air and we wouldn’t need to use our limited supply of gasoline. Later generations need it too. Plus households would not need to pay so much of their money on electricity. I think switching to natural energy is a positive thing that more people should look into doing.

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