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Hybrid cars

May 21, 2008
By Anonymous

In our world there are many different kinds of pollution. A main source of this pollution is exhaust from cars. The gasoline in cars fuels the cars but at a huge risk. The huge amount of cars in this world is contributing to the collapse of the ozone which protects us. So by using cars, although convenient, we are really hurting ourselves.

The invention of the hybrid car has been invented to counter this terrible situation. This car uses electricity to power the motor at lower speeds. This allows for less gas to be used and in return that means there will be no exhaust fumes being sent into the atmosphere. The invention causes a chain reaction that allows for less pollution to be released. Even though electricity is used, cars on highways or that go above a certain speed still switch back to gas. With only a small number of people using these kinds of cars, the world is that much safer for us. This problem can not be solved with the contribution of a few people; it will take everyone to pitch in to save our planet.

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