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A Giant Oak Tree

December 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Sometimes, a simple tree can make you think more than you thought you would
An object that I have selected is a giant maple tree in fall and spring.

I sit at my fire place, warming my toes like little marshmallows, sipping my hot chocolate. This is when I look out the window and begin to dream about the maple tree standing in my front yard…..
The beautiful brown leaves sprawled across the long stiff branches. Orange, crispy leaves fluttering in the wind. The tall rough trunk standing giant and proud as the cold October winds creep up its knobby bark. The branches’ tiny twigs shake and shiver as the breeze rolls through the air. All of its colors brighten up a normally green and dull area. When the sun’s rays shine through the trees left over, rainbowy leaves, it is such a sight. Almost majestic, as the colors of the leaves become brighter and more noticeable. Watching the large leaves let go of their branches and fly down to the safeness of the earths cold, hard ground. Almost as if the tree was crying and it leaves were its tears. Soon, the tree stands bare. When the wind now blows, there is nothing left to take from the trees body and limbs. The tree now stands naked, as its trunk and branches tremble in the harsh October air. Now approaching the brutal conditions of the winter, the tree stands cold, surrounded by its shedded, crunchy leaves. The tree can cry no longer, until the break of spring. Until then, the tree will stand bare and cold.
The tree stands through the harsh winds and the cruel weather of the fall and winter as it helplessly waits for the first day of spring. That day is when the tree can finally hold on to all of new leaves with out the worry of loosing them. Once that beautiful time arrives, the tree stretches and spreads its long beautiful leafy green branches, soaking up the fresh spring sun. Although there is no more orange, red and brown, now there is lime, emerald, jade, olive, bottle green and sea green and all of the other greens you can imagine, now sprawled across it’s long stiff branches. Now the tall rough trunk can stand in the bright sun of March, April and May. Now the twigs stir and move about in the soothing breezes of spring as they roll off of the water and down from the grand mountains. The leaves now rest peacefully on their lengthy, solid branches.
They rest contently, knowing that they don’t have to worry about falling to the cold, hard ground. They rest, knowing that they don’t have to suffer through the harsh weather of fall and winter until fall comes again. But, until then, the tree will get the reward of enjoying the beautiful experiences of spring and summer. Experiences such as, when a small child climbs and rests on its broad limbs. Experiences such as when a child and their parents build a brand new tree house upon its trunk. It will continue to stand tall and proud in the calmness and gentleness of my front yard, and I will continue to watch and imagine as I sit here, by the fire, and go to take sip of my hot chocolate, now realizing that it is all gone.

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