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An Inconvenient Truth

February 6, 2008
By Anonymous

An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore focused on our earth today and how our previous and recent mistakes are affecting our world and society around us. Pollution is a major part of the trouble we face today, and our own United States of America is one of the largest contributors to the pollution of our earth. This pollution then spirals into a larger problem, global warming which could cause great catastrophes in all the coastal countries and most all other countries of the world. Although we are still many years into the slow pollution and eminent destruction of our planet, the causes of global warming and earth pollution can be slowed by some proactive steps by mankind all throughout the globe.

It started with our families of generations past and is constantly get worse day by day, the pollution of our planet is slowly destroying our world, and America is one of the main contributors, it being the only other country besides Australia to not sign the Kyoto Treaty. This treaty limits the country’s yearly emissions and with there being no limit on the emissions a country lets out, the large American industries are causing more and more pollution everyday and car manufacturers aren’t taking very productive or quick progress to lower emission vehicle. Still, this has not stopped California and a few other environment worried states to take action and positive steps to a lower emitting less polluted country and world.
This pollution is having immense affects on the earth. With all the extra pollution the earth is carrying it is causing an increase in the width of the world atmosphere. Since the atmosphere has thickened so much it has changed the worlds heating and cooling systems. The rays of the sun are now being held in by the thick atmosphere and the Green House gases are keeping it there causing a dramatic heat spike in the world. Now just these past few years have become the hottest in all of recorded history and are still steadily increasing. These are the beginning stages of global warming.
Global warming will and is affecting our world dramatically, billions of people and animals are in danger and odd weather patterns are occurring. In Japan not to long ago ten typhoons pounded the country. Now the average number of natural disasters as hurricanes, typhoons, and even tornados has increased. The past three or four years have also brought the hottest in the record books with scorching temperatures all around the globe. Now, we are even in risk of major flooding in coastal states and countries. This is a threat because with the increasing temperature comes more ice melting and with just a fraction of the Antarctica or Greenland ice melting the world wide ocean water levels could gain close to twenty feet. With increased temperature also come more precipitation and maybe even flooding in places that have been in an on going drought.
Now, global warming can not be stopped dead in its tracks, but with a few steps in the right direction the effects of global warming could be slowed. By driving environment friendly cars and reducing the amount of electricity we use the effects could be slowed. Also if the large manufacturing industries could find a more earth friendly way to run their large factories the global warming effects could slow dramatically. Even just planting a tree could help the world in its fight against global warming.
In conclusion, with a few proactive steps and a little participation from the entire world our earth will survive for much longer a peaceful, climate regularized planet. Everything from just planting a tree to buying a more environment friendly “Green” car will help.

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