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Seeking Truth

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

The following was written in the New York Times in May 2025.
“Man Seeks Truth Through Service to Others”.
Service can hold numerous meanings: The service to protect others; the service to bring people in stressful situations hope; the service to provide shelter in times of need. These actions equate to acts of community service. A young man, Aaron, enjoys providing service to others. An older man lives because of him. Third world countries now prosper as a result of his eagerness to contribute.

Community Service projects do not just help pass time by. They help him obtain a better view of the world. After finishing high school, he started a journey to understand the concepts of making a community stronger. He realized that making a difference can happen in small increments. Big payoffs come in small, altruistic steps.

Aaron believes that successes start and continue the cycle of kindness. By one person producing positive actions for someone else, that person, in turn, will return the favor. Therefore, each act begets another act of kindness.

He also believes that in this day in age, for every act of kindness people do, one should remain humble about that quiet deed. As a young citizen, he contributed to his community. He still continues on today. “Contribution from a young person will bring one on the right path,” he said.

He not only did community service, contribute with his heart, explain the philosophy of giving back, and perform deeds of greatness, he also helped out the globe. For years, he followed the genocide in Darfur. He decided to put efforts towards that global community. This region, still unstable, needs dire help. He helps by contributing to the efforts of rebuilding that region. Providing shelter, clothing, medicine and other basic necessities to survive. Many people in Darfur benefit greatly from that effort.
For the last fifteen years, Aaron has been in the Peace Corps. His job as the philanthropist paves the way for many. He traveled extensively to many places around the world. After visiting those locations, his course changed. He saw a true need to give back to the world he lived in. Homeless children beg like puppies. Adults live in sub-par conditions. Most continue the desolating from the counterculture of normalcy. He said to himself after a recent trip, “I really want to make a global change”.
A few months later, he went along with his friends to help organize drives. To provide adequate clothing. To shelter and harvest basic needs. This drive Aaron put on made national attention. Called “Drive for Darfur”, it focused not only just on Darfur, but it also brought other issues to donate to other parts of the world. This drive put on made minds wonder the effects. This drive he puts on also doubts the real cause.
“Is this the truth? Are we set up in this scam?” Many volunteers contributing to the cause also wonder, asking him about it. There are reasons why people doubt his contribution. Some include a lack of notice; many include the lack of participation.
He says that there are direct connections. He takes people with him to orphanages across the United States. He also takes his volunteers to these foreign countries. “Children in these countries look up to you”. He said, “Children see you as the key to their world once worth dreaming about. One simple act can change the outcome of their lives.”

Following the footsteps of past participants, he said that he wants to live up to his fullest potential. Seek potential to find the truth What is the truth?

He now seeks the truth through serving others…

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