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Cards For Kids Project

November 12, 2009
By Haley Burgess BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
Haley Burgess BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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Gandhi once said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” One day I was contemplating this quote and wondering what I could do to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. I wanted to make a difference because so many people have impacted me that I wished to give back to those as well as the community. Kids who face difficult situations from poverty to homelessness have inspired me to help improve their lives.

I have always enjoyed painting, and have been doing so for five years. But what could I do with my creative skills to change the world? I decided I needed to take it to the next step and copy and size my paintings to a card. I then participated in an autumn craft festival selling my handmade and painted cards, but the cards weren’t being sent out to organizations - there was still a piece missing in the puzzle, something didn’t feel right. I was determined to figure out what I could do to be the change.

Then one sunny day, I thought of an idea: I would use my handmade and painted cards to send to kids across the globe involved in different organizations who may be suffering from poverty, homelessness, or a difficult situation. I call my project “Cards for Kids.” Since the project began in November 2009, over 120 personalized messaged cards have been sent out to kids in the United States and the world such as Tanzania, Africa. Although this project does take much time, it feels like an honor to be able to put a smile on a child’s face when they are going through a tough circumstance. Currently, I am writing to such organizations as The World Orphan Project as well as various children’s shelters. As the project progresses, I am hoping to send out even more cards.

If teens have a positive way or idea to help the community or world, they should not hold back, but make it happen. I have been learning through the course of this project that each individual has a chance to be the change, make the change, and initiate the change.

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