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Just Stop!

June 10, 2014
By AlwaysInBeastMode GOLD, Suitland, Maryland
AlwaysInBeastMode GOLD, Suitland, Maryland
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Tired of the stress. Tired of the pain Tired of all my tears. Don't you see that I just don't care about your little game of telephone. Pick on me. hmm. Why me? Because I am quiet? Because I do my work? Because you don't like me? What is it? I'm tired of getting shoved into the wall, getting spit on, I'm even tired of you making me feel like I'm trash, Making me feel as though I have nothing. People are afraid to talk when they get bullied and they think nobody understands. Guess what I was a victim of bullying. Yes Myluvzu was a victim. Each and everyday I would get excited about school. I would say oh it's time to show off my smartness. But when I get too excited I stutter. I speak with my tongue. I am a little over weight to be 14-years-old going on 15 on July 17. Hello my name is Mya and I'm here to tell my story. You people think I'm not good enough. I'm a teacher pet. But what's your purpose of you picking on me? You want to get attention? You want to be popular? hmmmm. What ever it is guess what I don't care. I've started suicide WHEN I WAS ONLY 11-YEARS-OLD! YES 11-YEARS-OLD. I still have the scars till today. On my thigh, my left leg, and my left arm. People ask me oh whats those marks on your arm. And I would look at them and I would walk away. I've been experiencing a lot over the past 4 years and guess what I'm not proud of it. JUST STOP! Bullying is no joke I wouldn't be on earth without my mom or my sister. If I wouldn't have had a strong mother I wouldn't be on this planet. I would be dead and gone. I'm being honest. But every since bullying happen, me doing suicide, and being on medication change my life and I wouldn't be the person I am today. I've watched people get bullied and you know what I said? I said nobody is not going to get bullied in my sight. I don't even know people and I help them. I don't care if you a boy or girl. Bullying is Bullying. PEOPLE FEEL AD THOUGH THAT THEY ARE MISERABLE AND WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO FEEL THEIR PAIN BUT WITH YOU BULLYING ME WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? WITH YOU BULLYING ME THAT ONLY MAKING YOU WORSE. I've had friends who got bullied and they said I don't know how I've made it through. JUST STOP! IF YOU BULLIED SOMEONE AND YOU ARE READING THIS I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU! WHAT'S YOUR PURPOSE FOR YOU MAKING PEOPLE LIKE US FEEL BAD? WHAT'S YOUR PURPOSE OF YOU MAKING US FEEL WORTHLESS? IF YOU ARE Miserable THATS OKAY JUST TALK ABOUT. I KNOW ITS NOT GOING TO BE THAT EASY. YOU HAVE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THEIR LIVES BECAUSE OF BULLYING. AND YOU DON'T CARE. JUST STOP! I'm TIRED OF ALL YOUR DRAMA ALL THAT HE SAY SHE SAY STUFF AND I'M TIRED OF BULLYING. But did you also know that when I was 11-years-old I was diagnosed with bipolar and depress. I've was getting obesity because I eat when I get mad. Each and everyday I look in the mirror I would always grip my stomach and I would tell myself You will not eat and you will starve yourself. I was throwing up food just to be a certain weight. Each and everyday I've have to come home stress either about me getting bullied, my homework, my father, etc.Now I have a high risk of getting diabetes. SO JUST STOP! JUST STOP! JUST STOP! Because now you know how I feel. Now you know my story. Now you know. NOW YOU KNOW. JUST STOP! NOW YOU KNOW.

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