No one knows why he does it
He pushes you to the dirt
Spits venomous, hurtful words
Kicks you
Punches you
Hurts you
But at home he is kicked
And punched
And hurt
And sorrowful and sad
No one knows why she does it
Puts you down
Teases you
Laughs in your face
She may be beautiful
But there was a time
When she was hurt by words
And she felt ugly
They're bullies
I knwo why they do it
Because they feel inferior
Want to feel powerful
Nothing can excuse their behavior
But it can be explained
So stand up
And forgive him
Forgive her
And tell them;
"You can't hurt me any more"

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Lilly_Cat said...
Jan. 22, 2014 at 1:38 pm
So this was a really good example of why they bully. Also the last sentence really really showed emotion and good advice too
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