I could no longer watch.

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I remember it like it was just yesterday. I could still hear the screaming. It blasted my ears like the fireworks on Fourth of July. Name were being throw around. People were huddling closer and closer. Right in front of my eyes I watched a girl cry and beg for help. They were hurting her, kicking and screaming. There was nothing I could physically do. I was frozen in my spot. What happens in the movies was happening right in front of me, yet I could not move. The girl surrounding her would laugh and push.
I finally could move again. I ran up to the girl, and I shielded her behind me. I told them to leave, to never mess with her again.
But they just laughed at me.
They asked why I would step in, she wasn't my friend. Why help a freak?
That word made me sick. I stood my ground, yelling at the top of my lungs telling them all to leave. They had no respect for this girl nor themselves to sit her and watch this girl get beat.
The crowd started leave. Everyone gave me a face of disgust. If only they could see what I was feeling.
I turn to the girl, and she was already looking at me. She asked how i could help a freak.
I walked straight to her, held her hands and said, "Don't be Normal, Don't believe what they tell you, and Don't let yourself down."
She smiled at me and left.
I never saw her again.

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