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June 5, 2013
By GorgeHenry SILVER, The Colony, Texas
GorgeHenry SILVER, The Colony, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
To to avoid criticism
do nothing
say nothing
and be nothing
-elbert Hubbard

They say I'm unlikable
i have no friends
i need a life
To die in a hole and stay out of theirs
They say i will be forever ALONE
They say i need help

They don't know how much their words hurt
How they feel like bullets though the heart
Though the soul that is now
Cold and has no sigh of turn back warm

They use to be my friends
they where my best friends
they turned on me
they made me strong
i thank god for they
they made ME, ME

Now i have real friends
The one who treat you like you
who never what to change me
Who love me for me
And will never leave me alone and in the cold
They are warming my soul
Little by little

The author's comments:
this is how i feel everyday of my life, this is my life. One day it will change i have faith

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