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when you bully me your bullying yourself

April 29, 2013
By bj44890 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
bj44890 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
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if love is lost then im what am i i am nothing but if love is there i am found and this would be the proof of your love

We drove slowly north on Downing Street heading to Porter Hospital when a young boy caught my eye
He stood apart from classmates who excitedly played basketball and tag
The hood of his tan sweatshirt was pulled down and nearly concealed his face
He leaned against the baseball backstop far from the kids who didn’t seem to notice him

The boy's head was bowed and I wondered what he was thinking....and why he was so alone
Did he have a bad experience in class or was his life at home the source of the sadness that covered him like a fog on a cold November morning
Perhaps he was merely one of the kids who just doesn’t seem to fit in with the kids who have it all together....or maybe he was afraid of the bully who had victimized him in the hall before recess

I wish I could have stopped the car and met him near home plate.....that I could have looked into his eyes and tried to bring a ray of hope to his day
Such a pity that a boy not even ten should have to feel so alienated and alone....that no one in his class could see his pain and reach out to him
I hope he finds one special teacher or one trusted friend who can help bring the light back to his eyes

I know I'll look for him again in four weeks when I return for my follow up appointment with Dr. Evans
I'll leave a little early and buy a card and a large chocolate chip cookie at Safeway
Just in case.... just in case I'm meant to be that friend who can help lift the fog that shrouds the forgotten boy at the backstop

The author's comments:
I wrote this porem becuse i see so many people out there that has a proeublem with bully all i can say ism that when a bully is bullying you tell them what wopuld you do if i was u and u were me and let him think uit about it then u should show him my story. And mabey then he will stop be a big bully jerk or what ever he is to u. pls leave comments and thanks for reading it.

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