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my name is bully

July 17, 2012
By ctowle PLATINUM, Claremont, New Hampshire
ctowle PLATINUM, Claremont, New Hampshire
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My name is bully. I can see right through you without even trying. I know your every weakness everything that can tear you down. I know what makes you cry when your alone and yes, I am one of them. I work like a snake slowly squeezing the life out of you. With every name I call with every painful accusation I throw at you, you grow weaker. I feed off of your pain, guilt, and, hatred towards me. Though I know you won’t stand up to me because I am bigger stronger and smarter. Like you I come from a bad family my mother an alcoholic and my father is abusive. I take all my anger out on you because I can because you are weak. I know where I stand I am king of my domain and you a lowly peasant. I see you cry and although I do feel guilt I don’t let it show I show no mercy just like my father. At night I’m haunted by insomnia listening to my parents fight my father bellows and strikes my mother down, she shrieks, I cover my face with my blanket somehow thankful It’s not me this time. The next day I seek you out. You know its coming and yeah you try to hide or run or whatever it is you do. I always find you, always. You never see me coming because I am sly learned from many years of hiding in the basement on weekends when school was no longer my refuge. I hate my life but I hate yours more. This hatred although is what makes me what I am also keeps me going day after day. I will show my father one day when I no longer have you to beat on. But until that day you better watch what you do. Because I will be on the sidelines, in the background waiting for the right time to strike. But one day I will grow up and who knows maybe I’ll turn out like my father but hey maybe not. And you will be in my thoughts my number one regret. I just might learn from my mistakes. My name is bully.

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