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October 17, 2018
By mil13 BRONZE, Springboro, Pennsylvania
mil13 BRONZE, Springboro, Pennsylvania
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People say mockery is a way people look up to you they mimic you because they want to be like you. Is that the real reason? Take a minute and  think about it while you ask yourself is that why kids mock other kids or teachers?

Some Kids laugh it off when they get mocked knowing it will just bounce off of them and into the other kid who will stop knowing they won’t get taken serious by the kids that are strong enough to take it. The kids that mocked the other kid the stronger kid will move on to a kid that won’t be able to brush it off and the think the kids won't tell anyone eventually they get tired of it and will tell a teacher,principal,or guidance teacher.

When kids mock teachers it's a form of disrespect to the teacher of that class and they teacher depending on what school you go to you can get wrote up for it.

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