Santa's Plight

December 19, 2017
By Ghaul45 BRONZE, Oquwaka, Illinois
Ghaul45 BRONZE, Oquwaka, Illinois
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2005 Valley Falls is a beautiful town with super elegant lights casinos,hotels and a very good program. That parents send in what their child wants and the program buys what they want. But Santa disappeared after he left to return home.
My son wanted a Demogorgon doll for Christmas I drove to Fred Ave where they set up. I knew the man that was Santa he was Rudy by boyfriend. I walked up to the deposit stand and handed in my list the man asked a lot of questions.
“What is your name sir.”
“Jim Peters.”
“Sheriff of this town.”
“Ok you will get your order when Santa gets back.”
“Why is he not here.”
“He went back to his house to get his credit card and he has not been back yet.”
I drove to his house and knocked on the door. The door was open a crack I pushed the door open. Gifts were all over the home beat up and ripped. I looked around I saw a gift with baby doll inside. I saw a laptop in the kitchen it had a weird powder stain on the screen. I looked at the video history I saw a video on his hard drive.
“ This is going to to be my last video I ever do I am in danger there are people who want my head. I will not be able to serve this town as santa past today. I hope this town's children can thrive without me (woosh) (Thump).”
The same powder blew in his face that I saw on the laptop. I pulled out my print scanner and found a print on a bag that laid on the ground. I called my friend John he is a very nerdy dude but he is a very loyal guy to.
“John I found out Santa has not been around for hours I searched his house.”
“Annnnd what became of it.”
“I found out he was kidnapped by a unknown assailant.”
“Come down to my house.”
I went to his house and walked to the door.
“JOHN JOHN you home (Rawr) Oh ####.”
“Ha Ha ha that was funny.”
“Why is that there.”
“To scare dillinquints from vandalising my house.”
“So what do you want to to tell me.”
“I searched Santa's house he was kidnapped also I found fingerprints.”
“Cool let me scan these.”
John had a scanner in his back room he was the lead blood spatter analyst of the police department.
“Says here that this print belongs to Dave Clapton.”
“Ok thanks for the help bye.”
I needed to see a friend that I met while in Iraq. I never got her name but she lives in the outskirts. She is very good with computers and knows a lot of people. I texted her to meet me at the cafe near Halford street.
“Hey do you have any information on a Dave Clapton.”
“Yea he was a former inmate at the Southton facility.”
“What was he put in for.”
“Kidnapping in 97 why?” 
“I think he kidnapped again.”
“Before I leave where does he live.”
“He lives on a reindeer farm near Dover.”
I learned that  the farm was a slaughterhouse in the 50s. It was closed down after the owner died of a heart attack after he was fed beef laced with a chemical. I drove past the gate it was black like it was burned. The place was froze in time 50s painting put up against a truck and decor hanging from the porch of the farmhouse. The porch had a  clothesline attached to the clothesline was one red coat. I made my way inside the house it was furnished nice with vintage furniture and a record player playing a nice smooth jazz track. I saw a gift box sitting by a door. The box was covered with Stranger Things stickers on top was a record i said play me an I put the record on the player and hit play.

“Hello Jim hope you are relaxed I will meet you shortly just after I get my friend here some water. I can tell you are very sad at this current moment. Your very close friend has unfortunately been taken away from your grasp. If you would have just listened to me and not run off with him this wouldn't have happened. You will regret your choice of running of with Ru… (pop).”

The player exploded sending a record shard towards me. I ducked but it caught my cheek.
“Oh bloody hell you're bleeding let me get you a bandage. There all done now let's talk about your friend here.”
“Rudy oh my god what has he done to you.”
“Cut the chatter now why did you just leave me all those years ago.”
“Because you were insane you burnt down a friends house Dan all because I borrowed a box of nails.”
I knocked Dan out and took Rudy and ran to a bus station. We got back to fred ave and he handed me the doll my son wanted and a kiss.
“We made it rudy we made it.”
I got home and gave my son the doll.
“Thank you dad your the best.”

The end      

The author's comments:

My teacher had an assignment to write a christmas story and I wrote this

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