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December 19, 2017
By KAM420 BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
KAM420 BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
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There once was a key that existed long ago. This key that was said to be able unlock the mysteries to life itself. These were only stories though, no one has ever been alde to prove the stories right or if that they even remotely true. Until one fateful september afternoon, in a small town south of france. Burbank was this little town that has always been a quiet little town.


One day down in Burbank there was this young man that just moved in on the corner or 12th and Pako Av. The house there was a nice duplex that he was renting out for the next three months. The man was always going in and out of the house, he was nexter there for more than a full day. I finally had the nerve to say hello for the first time after a few days. He said his name was Marcus, he seemed really nice guy he just didn’t talk much witch is unusual for people in this town because everyone tell anyone heir story. Marcus was a very quiet to himself type of guy.

One day i was at the house and he was too. I looked out the window and saw him getting into his car, once he ot in i saw something fall out of his pocket. I went outside to see what it was a little key in the driveway. I picked the key up and once ii did the key started glowing and in that instant i got this image of this old box in a cave. I dropped the key and was in shock in what i saw, then all of a sudden Marcuse was standing right in front of me. I jumped back in fear of him being there so fast, he picked up the key and looked at it, then looked at me. He then put him hand out with the key jestering that he was giving me the key. I too the key and it started glowing again. After three seconds of it glowing it stopped and started floating in my hand and pointed  in one direction like a compius. I went to look up at Marcuse for a confirming look that this key was actually floating in my hand, but when I looked up he wasn’t there, then looked back down at my hand and the key was still there but now it had a face on it. I knew that was new on the key because the key was flat and smooth when i first picked the key up. The new face on the key also somewhat looked like Marcouse as I looked closer at the key.

The next morning i woke up with this chresher chest at the foot of my be and when i laid my hand on it it opened and when i looked at my hand in shock there was a drawing of the key that was glowing.


To be continued

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