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Fool Me Twice

August 28, 2017
By journaliz BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
journaliz BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Darkness. The only thing I could see as I came to. I must've hit my head I could think of no better explanation other than that. Had I gone blind from the impact? I had absolutely no memory of what had happened to put me in this situation.  But, then I saw it, a glimpse of light in my peripheral vision. So that had meant I wasn’t blind, thankfully. But, there was definitely/ something over my eyes. But what? I remembered the basics. My name was Leanne Sabo, and I was eighteen years old, I lived in the Magnolia Building in apartment 6B with my mom and brother Ean. But, why was I in this mysterious place, with something keeping me from seeing my surroundings? That’s when I heard the voice, "Good morning Margot, so glad to see you've awaken." 



Tuesday had always been my least favorite day of the week, not quite close enough to Friday, but way to close to Monday. I had spent the entire day cooped up inside a classroom finishing up my finals for the year. I couldn’t wait till my junior year would finally be over, and I could finally meet Roland. My internet boyfriend. Not many of my friends knew about him, but the ones who did always thought he was a bit suspicious. But, I never listened. Roland and I were made for each other. He was an eighteen-year-old senior at a Tech school in Indiana. I lived in Illinios, so we were lucky to be living so close. Yet, we had never actually met in person. But we messaged on an app called ClickCutie, all day every day. My mom had no clue about Roland, honestly if she knew I had an app like ClickCutie I would probably be grounded until death, but the emotional connection I had with Roland seemed to be totally worth the risk. We had been talking to each other for almost two years now, and we were both elated to meet each other soon. What none of my friends or family knew, was that in just a few short days, I would be taking the bus out to Muncie to see Roland, while my mom was at a fashion convention. But the best part of it was, that Roland and I were finally going to be together, after being apart for so long. Sure, I had a mental picture in my head already, Roland had sent me plenty of photos along with a few video messages, and I did the same, but he would never video chat, and never seems to mention me on social media. But, he always says that’s because his mom and dad don’t like him dating, but hopefully they will soon, because I think that my visit will be a huge bombshell on everyone and there's only two days until I leave!


I woke up with a smile on my face, today I would finally be on my way to see Roland. I would go to school this morning, and during my lunch period I would sneak out through the window in the girl's bathroom. I hid a small duffle bag under a faulty board in my closet. I would grab my bag and my wallet and catch a cab to the nearest train station, and from there I would just have to play it by ear. 

After third period I was excused to go to the restroom, as I walked down the hall I felt eyeballs glazing, I hated the feeling like everyone was watching me, as I snuck down the hallway I almost considered ditching on my plan and cancelling on Roland, but I shoved the feeling from my conscience deep in my stomach and walked into the girl's bathroom. I walked into a stall and sat for a few  minutes as I waited for the room to clear, then carefully and as quietly as I could cracked the window open, and slipped out. I was careful to go around the west side of the building, the side with almost no windows as to make sure I didn’t get caught by anyone and I was certain that I would be caught if I went around the east side, which looped right around the head mistress' office. Once I was off the school property, I ran down the street catching red lights and finally made it to my apartment building. I fumbled with my keys for a few minutes before realizing how nervous I actually was, and I was starting to worry about the fact that I hadn't heard from Roland all day, had he forgotten that I was coming? Did I have my dates mixed up? But there was no time to ponder on my thoughts, if I wanted to catch the twelve o'clock train. 

The cab ride to the bus station was terrifying. The shady cab drivers' eyes seemed to be telling me "I know you're skipping school and skipping town to see your suspicious internet boyfriend." But I knew it was just my nerves getting the best of me, and I swore to myself that I would go through with this and not chicken out. There were millions of times that Roland and I had planned to meet up and each time something with him had come up and left me in the dust, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t chicken out, because feeling abandoned isn’t something I enjoy and I vowed to never do that to Roland either. As the cab driver pulled over I had realized that we had already arrived at the train station. 

I tossed a twenty through the window, and ran to the bench to wait on the train. I looked down at my phone and saw that the time was quarter till noon. So, I didn’t have long to wait until I arrived in Muncie. Roland planned to pick me up at the train station, but after not hearing from him since Wednesday, I was starting to get a little rattled. But whether he picked me up or not, there was absolutely no way I would back down on Roland or this trip. When the train finally pulled into the station I could feel my palms sweating and my hands involuntarily shaking as I held my bag and stepped onto the train. 

As I handed the conductor he shot me a puzzled look,

"Aren't you a little young to be boarding a train alone Miss?"

"Actually Sir, I am eighteen years old and I am visiting my Aunt for the weekend in Muncie Indiana." 

"Ha, you aren't running away or nothing?"

"No Sir." 

I shot him an annoyed look and walked back to find me seat. I couldn’t believe I had pulled that off. I had always been told since I was very young, that I was a horrible liar, and I was positive that if I could plot a lie for days and still not be able to pull it off, I would be a mess under pressure, but hey I guess I am full of surprises. 

About and hour into my train ride, I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and saw a text from Roland. 

R: Hey! Sorry I've been so quiet today we had finals grrr

L: Don't worry about it, are you excited for tonight?

R: Huh?
L: Seriously? Don’t tell me you forgot.

R: No, I didn’t forget. I promise to be at the train station an hour before you slide in. 

L: Don’t scare me like that, I have way too much riding on this trip.

R: Don’t worry, you won't even be thinking about that when were together.
L: ???? 


For the rest of the ride, my phone stayed silent as my mind continually wandered back to the last message I got from Roland. What had he meant by that? What did he have planned for us? I just couldn’t wait to be in his arms in just an hour!

When the train came to a screeching halt, my body flung forward, waking me from my power nap. I hadn't slept in almost a week; my excitement was too great for sleep. When I stepped off the train, I could feel my blood pumping and my adrenaline rising. I looked around the station and couldn’t stop Roland right away, so I walked around for a bit still, no Roland. I was half tempted to get back on the train and head back home, forgetting all about Roland and not letting myself get caught. That was until my phone buzzed. 

R: Hey, where are you? I'm parked in the blue Volkswagen out front.

L: Ha, I feel like a total idiot. 

R: Why?

L: I've been wandering around inside the station for almost twenty minutes.

R: Ha! Well, I'll be waiting out here. No rush


I couldn’t believe that I almost left, I almost thought that Roland had forgotten about me. I grabbed my bags and headed out the door, until I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a cloth over my mouth. Giving me no air to breathe or fight. But I tried. I struggled and kicked, wondering why no one was coming to my rescue, why didn’t anyone notice? That was until the room starting spinning, and one by one each square foot of the station turned to darkness and then, so did I. 




As she sat in the corner of my apartment, I could feel my heart beating faster than it had ever beaten in my life. I had the girl of my dreams sitting before me. I knew she loved me too, I was exactly what she wanted. Smart, tall, and handsome. I knew she'd love me. But, she wasn’t ready to see me yet. I'd been planning for this day for over a year. When I saw her beautiful face under the Chicago lights on my laptop screen so many nights ago, I was sure she was the one for me and I was the one for her. I just knew it. But, I made sure that no one else knew it. I couldn’t risk anyone taking her from me. She was the only shred of happiness I had left in my life. I was my parents least favorite for most of my life, and once I graduated high school I left and bought an apartment in Indianapolis, not too far from where my family lives. I knew people would judge Margo and I's age difference but, it was only three years and in my book age was just a number separating someone from their soulmate, and I wasn’t going to let anything separate me from my Margo.

"Where am I?" 

"Hush, sweet Margo. You're safe now. I will protect you till the ends of the earth my sweet darling."

"Who are you? Roland? Is that you?"

"How about you call me Kobe. And I call you Margo. Our other names don’t matter love." 

"Can, can you please take this thing off my face." 

"Are you sure darling?"


As I took her blindfold off, I found myself dumbfounded at how blue her eyes were. I wanted to get lost in those deep ocean eyes.

"Roland! I've missed you so much"

"I've missed you too darling, I've missed you too." 


Is there a word for someone who is so blinded by their own stupidity they don’t even notice. That was me in this moment. Everything added up so clearly and it made me sick to my stomach. I gave this random man all of my information not really knowing who he even was. But, he looked exactly like Roland. So, why did he have to take me like this. Was everything he told me a lie? Did he really love me? Was he really interested in the things we discussed? I needed answers and I needed them now.


"Ro-I mean Kobe. Do you really love me? I mean what is going on?

"Margo. Of course, I love you. But you need to realize that too many people would judge us for too many things so our love must be a secret."

"I am not Margo. What age difference? "

"Mar-Leanne. I haven't been fully truthful with you. How old did I tell you I was?"
"You told me, multiple times. You were eighteen." 

"I am twenty-one. I knew you would never fall for me if you knew we were so apart in age. You were so simple minded when we first met."

"Simple minded? Are you serious right now? Who are you? Because the person I know would never ever say something so hurtful to me." 

"Leanne. You were raised in a small-minded environment. Your parents raised you this way, but I can change you."

Did he say parent? I told Roland thousands of times that my dad ran out on us. Oh no, no, no.  This guy isn't Roland. He isn't even pretending to be Roland. He took me, and he's making this all up as we go along. He saw my I.D, that’s how he knows my name. But, how did he develop such strong feelings for me over time? Unless, he's been watching my every move. Maybe, maybe I can figure this out. 

"Kobe, um do you remember when you and I went on that lunch date at that little café in Indianapolis? That's when I knew I loved you." 

"Yes, of course, how could I ever forget that. Such an important moment in our relationship Leanne." 

Lies. I never once met Roland in person. 

"And um, remember when we skyped and I gave you an hour-long house tour of my huge family ranch in Illinois where I live?"

"Absolutely. Your ranch is almost as beautiful as you darling."

Lies. I live in an apartment in downtown Chicago. I couldn't believe this guy. But, even worse how was I going to get out of here? Could I sneak out? What are my parents thinking? If there even is a Roland out there. Does he think I stood him up?

"So, Kobe, when do you think I should be leaving because my parents will be home early tomorrow so I thought I would take the train back to town tonight."

"Don’t worry about time Leanne. Your parents aren't worried about you I can promise." 

"Kobe, I think I should get going. I don’t feel too well."

"No! I just got you, you're not going anywhere." 

"Just got me? What are you talking about? I have to leave!" 

I took off out of the apartment and ran down the stairs straight outside of the building. I ran what felt like thirteen blocks to a rental place. I quickly picked up a car and darted down the highway at eighty miles an hour. I didn’t look back, but when I finally did I lost him. He ran almost ten blocks before finally giving up. I couldn't believe what had just happened. 


Where was she? I sat outside the station for almost three hours before finally bailing. Had I said something wrong? I was so honest with her, and she was so honest with me. Did she get back on the train and go home? My mind was in a million places right now and I didn’t know who to call or talk to. So, I turned to the only person I could think of. My twin brother Kobe.

"Hey Kob."

"Uh, Roland. Hey. This really isn't a good time."

"Are you running? Why do you sound so out of breath."

"Huh? Oh. I just got back from a run. What's up?"

"Just girl troubles you know." 

"With who? That um, what her name?"

"Leanne. And yes, we were supposed to finally meet today and she stood me up."

"I'm sure that isn't what happened. Maybe she just had something going on? Maybe she had to help her mom with that fashion convention thing." 

"How did you know about that?" 
"Uh, you told me." 

"No, Leanne told me this morning and I haven't talked to you today. What's going on Kobe." 

"Nothing dude!" 

"Do you know where Leanne is?"

"I love her okay! I met her at the station and brought her back here but she freaked out when she figured out I wasn’t you, and left I don’t know where she went after that." 

"Brought her back to your place or forced her?"\

"That doesn’t matter Rol."

"God Kobe. You could end up in JAIL for this. I got to go. Don’t call me." 

I jumped in the car, I had to find her. I couldn’t believe my own brother could betray me like this, unbelievable. I couldn’t even contemplate how Leanne must be feeling right now, but I had to find her and apologize. Would I ever find her? Would she ever let me find her?


Interstate 129. I had to find interstate 129. It was the quickest way straight back into the city and home was the only place I wanted to be, I wanted to forget all about this trip and all about Roland. How stupid am I? I left my home, and wasted every penny of my money on a train ticket, and threw the rest of my money away on a rental car, to get away from a man who kidnapped me. There were so many opportunities I had to get out of there and turned my life around. I should've taken the train back home when Roland didn’t show up at the station, I should've taken a cab back home when I was questioned by the conductor. But, I didn’t. I didn’t think of the consequences and that’s why I am in this situation. Just as I saw the Interstate sign, a blue Volkswagen flagged me down on the side of the road. 



I drove for what felt like days but had only been a few short hours. I felt my spirit die down, and I began to lose faith that I would ever see Leanne. She had been a huge part of my life for almost two years. How did my brother get wrapped into all of this? Did he log into my ClickCutie account and manipulate her? Just as I finished my thought, a black Trailblazer passed me on the highway, as I looked over I couldn't believe what I saw. Leanne. Speeding down the highway, reading each exit sign backwards and forwards. I needed to flag her down before I lost her...forever.


I don’t know what possessed me to pull the car over, but I did. Maybe because it was the same car the Roland described to be picking me up in, or maybe because of how vulnerable I was. Soon a tall figure stepped out of the car and I knew in that moment that it was Roland, or Kobe. Either way I didn’t want to find out. I turned the key in the ignition, and started to pull off before I heard a tapping on the window.

"Leanne, please wait!" 

"Kobe, get away from me. I can call the police faster than I can do anything right now."

"It's not Kobe, it's-it's Roland."

"You seriously except me to believe that, after all that garbage you made up back there. By the way you're a terrible liar, you know nothing about my family." 

"Yeah I do! I can prove it! Ask me anything! Something only Roland would know?"

My mind wandered. Searching for a secret I had only revealed to Roland. Something someone would never know about myself.

""Um, what was gift that I sent you on the first Christmas that we were together?"

"You, you didn’t get me anything. You said that our gift would be to get to know each other." He chuckled and in that moment. I knew it was Roland. And I couldn’t have been happier." 

"Get in the car Rol." 

"What? I figured you'd come back with me."

"No. No chance. You can give up on us or get in the car. And I'm driving." 

Roland took a minute to gather his thoughts and hopped in the passenger seat. 

"Okay Juliet, lead the way." 


Leanne, the only woman I ever loved I scared away. How insensitive could I have been? I needed to find her, but where would she be? She must be with my brother, but I knew neither of them wanted anything to do with me. I was lucky though, no one had come looking for me. Leanne must have come to her senses and realized, the only reason I took her was out of my undying love for her, a love that will live on for centuries until I am six feet under the ground. Dead or alive, Leanne will always be mine. 

"Police, open the door at once, I repeat open the door at once. You are surrounded." 

"Um, officers, I didn't do anything wrong, please understand." 

"Kobe McElroy, you are under arrest for the abduction of Leanne Sabo. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you..."

I couldn’t believe this. As the police officer tightened the cuffs around my wrists, I vowed that day to never forget Leanne and what she has done to me. My love may be undying but she most certainly isn't.



Roland graduated this morning, and Kobe was convicted of child abduction. Everything seemed to be falling into place and all my wrongs had been undone. I was planning on attending IU in the fall with Roland and moving into an apartment with him. My life was finally going my way and I couldn’t wait for it to begin. 



Ding, ding. My alarm? My first class wasn’t until noon and Roland was still sleeping. I rolled over to see that my clock wasn’t flashing and it was only almost five in the morning. So, what was that noise? I looked down past my night stand and saw my cell phone beeping on the floor. It was a notification from ClickCutie. But, I swore I deleted that app almost three years ago. The username, I recognized though. It was Roland's old username.

R: Hey, Margot, wanna play? 

My heart stopped and I could feel my mind filling itself with fear fueled nostalgia


This can't be happening.

The author's comments:

A teenager's internet boyfriend is all she could ever want and more, but she will soon learn that everything is not as it seems.

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