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The Forest

October 31, 2008
By Anonymous

Lacey shot ahead of Allen, disappearing inside the thick bushes. "You can't catch me," she called back to her boyfriend. Allen giggled and sped up to catch her. The high school couple had been hiking along a trail in the forest near their school. There were mysterious legends regarding that forest. Lacey and Allen were the only ones brave enough to test them.

They'd skipped school to investigate the eerie forest. Allen grew worried as his girlfriend pulled farther and farther away from him, finally disappearing without a trace. "Lacey," Allen called. No answer. He began to wonder if all the legends were true. Maybe Lacey had actually become the latest teenager to disappear in the forest.

He searched for the river. That's where they agreed to meet if they got separated. Would Lacey be there, waiting to tell Allen it was all a prank? He trudged through stcker bushes and thick vines of moss to reach the river's edge.

The river's color was a creepy algae green, giving Allen the shivers. Suddenly, in the distance, he heard what sounded like little feet running along the trails. The two sets of footsteps sounded like Lacey's soft sneakers mixed in with some combat boots. Was she being pursued? The panicked footsteps came frighteningly close to where he stood. He expected Lacey to hop out of the bushes and into his arms, closely followed by that guy from Halloween IV.

He saw a glint of something reflective about 3/4 of a mile down the river. Allen caught sight of Lacey's purse washing down the river toward him. Reaching into the disgustingly green water, he pulled it out and noticed shreds that appeared to be from a huge knife. He had no doubt now. His girlfriend was being pursued by someone weilding a knife. Suddenly, a painful cry reached his ears. A thin red stream of what looked like punch soda ran down the river in front of him. Could this really be happening?

He saw the glimmer of silver get placed into a pocket and a figure start toward him. "No, no, no, no," Allen screamed, stumbling over rocks while trying to escape the killer. "Please don't kill me!" No matter how fast he ran, the figure seemed to get closer and closer.
In the distance he spotted a small house. Hopefully the people there could help him.

He pounded on their door. An old woman answered, seeing the killer about twenty feet back. "I'm sorry, boy. You're time has come," she said, closing the door in Allen's face. He looked back and saw his pursuer drawing a knife. Surely Allen wasn't ready to die!

Nobody ever heard from Allen or Lacey again. The teenagers that attended their high school never spoke of them. Many were afraid the forest killer was going to come for them if they did. So the legend continues, with only the bravest souls testing its power. Each time, they disappear with no trace of having been there in the first place. Would there ever be a survivor?

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