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October 19, 2016
By 3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
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 Jack sat in his room one night with his best friend Conner.  They had been playing video games for hours when a chat room request opened on Jack’s computer.  “It says Creepygirl45 wants to chat.  Should I accept?”  Jack asked his friend.

“She’s a girl.  I don’t care how creepy she is.”  He replied.  Jack sighed and accepted.  Immediately she started the chat.
Creepgirl45: Go get some ice-cream for me, won’t you Jack? 
“That’s weird my name isn’t even in my username.  It’s Awesomedude21.” Jack said nervously.
“She probably just knows you from school or something.”  Conner said coolly.   Just then the boys heard the sounds of an ice-cream truck outside Jack’s window.  They ran to look out and it was right there, parked in front of Jack’s house!   They waited for the truck to pull away before looking back at the chat room.  When they looked, two new messages appeared on the screen. 
Creepgirl45: You didn’t get me my ice-cream Jack.  That’s too bad well I can’t stay mad at you Jack. 
Creepygirl45: Go get some flowers for me, won’t you Jack?  I like purple tulips. 
“This girl really is creepy!”  Jack looked scared.  Jack’s bedroom door opened.  His mom walked in, “Hey I just went to the store and saw the prettiest purple tulips, and I think I’m going to put them right in the hall outside your bedroom! Well I am going to do a few more errands be back soon.”  She walked out smiling.  Jack looked at Conner and the two of them ran into the hall and grabbed the flowers, quickly they through them in the trash.  “This is getting weird.  At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now I’m not so sure.” Conner said with the same panicked look on his face that Jack had been wearing all night.  Suddenly a new message appeared on the screen.
Creepygirl45: It seems as if you are not getting the memo.  Looks like I will have to take matters into my own hands. 
“What does she mean by that?”  Jack asked right before the doorbell rang.  The boys almost screamed. “What do we do? We have been chatting with some stalker, who apparently knows you very well, your mom is at the store, and some dangerous stalker could very well be standing outside your house!” Conner yelled.  The doorbell rang again.  “Come on, we have to know.”  Jack said with the smallest amount of confidence coming through.  Slowly the boys opened the door.  Without even looking they screamed, but stopped after realizing that it was Jack’s next door neighbor Emma.  “I came over because the mailman gave us your mail.  Why are you so jumpy?”  She asked calmly. 
“We’ve been watching a scary movie?” Jack said trying to cover, but Conner jumped in not understanding what jack was doing, “Watching a movie we’ve been living a scary movie!”  Jack slapped his hand on his forehead.   “Well I have to see this.” Emma said walking up the stairs to Jack’s room.  The boys followed her, and showed her the computer screen.  “Right when she typed this message, the ice-cream truck pulled up.”  Jack said pointing to the first message.  “And after the third message Jack’s mom came in because she bought purple tulips at the store.”  Conner continued;” Now we are scared about what the last message means.”
“You need to call the police!”  Emma said picking up her phone.  Before she could another message appeared on the screen.
Creepygirl45:  Jack I thought I was the only girl in your life.  No bother I can fix that.
Just then the lights went out, and the kids ran to the door but it was locked.  Emma screamed and the lights turned on.  Emma was gone.  “What just happened?”  Conner asked, but before Jack could answer the screen lit up with another message.
Creepygirl45: You don’t have to worry about her bothering you anymore jack, or that pesky friend of yours.
“Okay that’s it, I am shutting this down!”  Jack yelled, but as his hand touched the computer he felt a shock and disappeared.  Scared, Conner bolted out of the room.  The computer was left open though, with a few new messages:
Creepygirl45: Now we can be together forever Jack.
Awesomedude21: Help! Someone I’m in the computer! Help!
This Chat Room has been closed by Creepygirl21 Forever

The author's comments:

Creepygirl45 is a scray thriller about two freinds who unknowingly open a chat room with a ghost.

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