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The Stranger

July 9, 2016
By 3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
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"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
-Helen Keller

Ally was a thirteen year old girl that lived in Colorado.  She loved it there.  Then one day
her dad announced they were moving to Miami, Florida.  Ally was heartbroken. She was going to have to leave the house she grew up in, the school she loved, but most importantly her best friend Vanessa.
The day before Ally was leaving Vanessa came over for dinner.  She walked into the empty house and looked at Ally.  The girls were speechless all through dinner.  When Vanessa left Ally went straight to bed.  She dreamt of the house and all her memories of it.
The next morning the family collected the last of their belongings and got in the car.  The entire drive to Florida was boring and tiresome. Eventually the family reached their new house.  Immediately Ally ran up to her new room and cried.  She went to bed without dinner that night, and she woke up starving.  She went downstairs to make herself a bowl of cereal.  After breakfast she went outside to find a girl about her age across the street. 
When Ally went over to her she introduced herself and the girl just stood looking at her.  She told the girl she just moved in and was looking for someone to show her around.  The mysterious girl continued not to pay any attention to Ally.  Ally gave up and went back to her yard.  From across the yard she noticed the girl was pale and was wearing a dress.  The odd thing was that even though the girl paid no attention to Ally when she was next to her, but now Ally was all the girl looked at.
The sun began to rise and light surrounded the city.  When Ally looked across the street the girl was gone.  She did not think much about it and continued to go about her day.  When her brother, Dylan, and her parents woke up they decided to look around the new town for a while.  They spent the rest of the day doing sightseeing and  then the family had McDonalds for dinner that night. 
Right before Ally went to bed she peeked out her bedroom window to find the mysterious girl walking along the borders of her yard.  The way she walked made it seem as if she couldn’t leave her house.  Ally was curious about the girl, but she also was tired and she drifted right to sleep.
That night Ally had a strange and unusual dream.  She was at her new house asleep on the lawn when the mysterious girl woke her up.  She was trying to tell her something, but Ally did not understand.  It seemed to be important. Then  Ally woke up with a quiet shriek.  When she realized it was just a dream she went back to bed.  The same dream replayed in her head.  Again she woke up with a fright, but this time when she opened her eyes the girl was standing next to her bed!  She screamed louder and her parents came rushing in.  When they got there the girl was gone.  She just vanished in front of Ally’s eyes.  Ally told her parents that she just had a bad dream, but at the same time she was trying to convince herself of the same thing.  She drifted asleep once more and did not wake up until morning.
As the sun rose early in the November sky Ally still remained in her bed.  Not because she was sleeping, but she still could not believe that the events earlier that night were a dream.  When she finally decided to get out of bed she went downstairs.  Her brother was already dressed and was about to go outside.  She quickly gobbled down her breakfast and joined him.
When she went outside Dylan was bouncing a ball of the fence.  Then she looked across the street to find the girl carrying an umbrella.  She called for her brother to come over.  When he was standing next to her she asked, “Do you see the girl over there with the umbrella?” 
“No. what are you talking about?” Dylan asked suspiciously.  Ally had never known her brother to tell a lie.  She just stood there with thoughts rolling in her mind... My own brother thinks I am seeing things... Is she real?...Am I dreaming her up?...
She was feeling very afraid and went to find her mom.  When her mom said she did not see her, she went to find her dad.  He did not see her either.  Ally was scared to death.
She marched straight to the girl and put out her hand for her to shake it.  She thought by doing this it would make the girl more visible to her parents.  After a couple minutes of waiting the girl finally shook Ally’s hand.  At that moment something happened.  Something that can not be explained.
The next morning Ally woke up in the wrong house.  She looked across the street at her new house.  She rubbed her eyes to see if she was dreaming.  When she realized she wasn’t she ran through the yard to get to her house.  Then a shield blocked her from leaving the yard.  When the sun came from behind the clouds it burned her.  She stepped into the shade of the old house.  From the window she saw the mysterious girl in her house. 
That’s when all the puzzle pieces fell into place.  The girl was tormenting Ally to get her to touch her.  Breaking the field trapping Ally there for all eternity.  That is until someone else moves in across the street.                  

The author's comments:

My english teacher recently taught my class about suspense.  I was very intrested in learning about everything that went into making horror stories so scary.  After the unit I began thinking about writing my own suspense story and came up with The Stranger.

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