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The crises

February 23, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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And after that moment in that Sarah's life was ruined.
The day she moved into the hot, humid, sandy state of Florida Sarah knew she was sunk with a capital S. The flight from New York had her jet lagged and she was still waiting for her uptight-your-never-gonna-kiss-a-boy father to show up to the airport, he was 2 hours late and she was starving, exhausted, and a little bit home sick. That made her angry like a bull that just got stabbed with a spear by the horrible Matador.
After about 3 hours sitting and waiting for 'Daddy' Sarah decided to hitch a ride with a complete stranger to her dad house and because 'Daddy' wont let her have a cell phone (because hes afraid shes going to call boys on it) shes stuck in this stupid place.

' Stop stop hay please stop oh thanks' bellowed Sarah as loud as her lungs would let her

.For Sarah running, screaming, and throwing rocks is her way of flagging down a nice sports car.

'Ummm yeah' said a girl who looked like she was 18 years old and like she could be a movie star.

'Um can you give me a ride to Miami' stuttered Sarah.

'whatever just get in' sniffed the girl.

' Thanks, um my name is Sarah. Whats your name?' Sarah asked questionably.

'My name is Carmen OK, so on the way there your not going to talk to me, your not gonna sing to the radio, NOTHING your gonna do nothing, and if you want to complain think of me the wonderful person who picked you up and can drop you right back off in the middle of nowhere, got it?!' Carmen snared.
' Yeah I got it' Sarah whimpered. ' Good now stop talking'

After about 2 hours of driving around Sarah noticed where they were,

'hay um Carmen you can drop me off right here this is my house, hay let me out please let me out my dads house is right there come on open the door' Sarah whined with a sad, scared, and angry voice. Carmen looked at her with the most evil eyes they looked like the fire was coming out of them, she looked at her with the most mischievous, devilish, gorgeous look that only she could pull off.
' Hey where are we going?' asked Sarah
'Were going to a place that you've never been before, and um my names not Carmen its Mary, and um I am so angry with you that im feel like killing you, so angry that I feel like crashing this car, so angry that I feel like crying.'

'But why your pretty, have a great sports car and did I mention that your super really magnificently gorges?!' Sarah replied with a smile forming across her face.
' Thanks but I guess your the only one that feels that way.'
The car suddenly came to a halt,
'you sound like a good kid, and I ummm'
'Hey don't worry about it, you'll get wrinkles.' Sarah said with a giggle.
As Sarah jumped out of the car and on to her feet she looked back at Carmen with a smile on her face as she drove away. As she went up to the door she realized her dad was gone and the doors were locked, so Sarah started back up the road and said to her self 'Here we go again'.
Just as Sarah thought it was all over someone drove up to her and asked if she needed a ride and of coarse she said yes.

Here we go back into the unknown.

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