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Being Watched

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

She had just checked into her hotel and Mikayla was as excited as she had ever been. She was sitting there in the main lobby of The Bellagio in Las Vegas. This wasn’t her first time in Las Vegas but this was her first time in a fancy hotel like the Bellagio, and she felt that something big was going to happen this summer in this exact hotel. After all she had just had her sweet 16 and expected anything could happen. Her and her family headed over to the elevator and right as they did so did this boy about her age. On a scale of one to ten he was about an eight. When the elevator arrived at her floor she stepped off and so did he. She walked over to her room and he followed. “This is sort of strange,” thought Mikayla.
“Looks like this is our room,” said Mikayla’s twin brother Michael.
So they walked into the room and Mikayla immediately plopped on the fluffy bed. “This is the softest bed ever!” she said as if she were screaming to the world.
She unpacked her stuff then immediately changed into her bathing suit. She grabbed her towel and headed straight to the pool. When she got outside she noticed the boy again. He was working at the snack counter. He wouldn’t stop staring at her and she was wondering why. She looked around the pool and found an empty chair. She laid her towel across it and laid down to tan. She started to get thirsty but she didn’t want to go to the counter. Finally her thirst over powered her and she headed toward the counter. When she got there she smiled and asked for a lemon aid. He gave her it and took her money without a word. She headed back to her chair where she found her brother waiting. He had his swim trunks on which showed his six pack abs. She set down her lemon aid and pushed her brother into the pool. He laughed and threw a ton of water at her. She ignored him and laid back on her chair and began to drink. It sort of tasted funny. After a while Mikayla started to get drowsy. She closed her eyes for what felt like a second and then when she woke up she was in her room. Her father was standing there and told her she had been out for two days. She was shocked. She had wasted two whole days, well at least she was staying for three weeks. Her father said some boy had come to see her and told him to tell her to go across the hall and two doors to the right to come see him. She got up changed out of her pajamas and walked to his room. She was about to knock on the door when it opened. He stepped out and said he had been expecting her. He introduced himself as Danny. They walked down the hall and he had explained why he was watching her. The owner of the hotel had two sons. Their names were Tom and Jerry and they had a plan to capture her and do terrible things to her. At first Danny had been part of the plan but then he realized how terrible it was so he tricked them so they thought he was helping them when really he was helping Mikayla. He told her to stay in his sight at all times. Mikayla was confused about everything but out of it all one question stood out. “Why me?”
Danny explained that he had no idea but he would find out. He said to see him tomorrow night at the gates of the pool after closing hours.
The next day Danny went to talk to Tom and Jerry. He asked them about Mikayla. They explained that she was the key to finishing their evil plot to rule all of the hotels in Vegas. He asked them about the plan but they didn’t completely trust him until he brought Mikayla. So when they met at the gates he explained everything that he had learned. She was confused and scared. She begged her parents to switch hotels. At first they considered it but Michael had to protest. She knew she wouldn’t have her way so she decided to hang out with Danny. The next day he took her all around Vegas.

The author's comments:
I was bored so i wrote this.
I hope you all like it. (:

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This is pretty good. It's a little slow, but it's still pretty good.

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Wow. This was horrible.