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Mystery in the Woods

June 15, 2015
By AithlynFreye BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
AithlynFreye BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"I wonder sometimes if the motivation for writers ought to be contempt, not admiration." -Orson Scott Card

I quickly ran to the clearing hoping there was a house somewhere there. The dog was following closely behind and I was petrified. I had no idea what was wrong with the dog and I had no idea where I was or how I got here.

I kept running until I saw a log. I quickly dashed to the log and jumped inside hiding from the dog. Once I heard its loud growl leave, I crawled out and kept going through the clearing. The sun was setting so it was going to be dark soon. After running for what seemed like an hour, I finally found a cabin. There was smoke coming from the chimney, the lights were on, and it sounded like people were laughing.

I walked up to the door and knocked on it. A woman with platinum blonde hair and a purple t-shirt with some kind of band on it opened the door. I could tell by her looks she was a really perky person.

“Yes?” she asked smiling.

“Uh I don’t know where I am. I just woke up beside the lake back in that clearing. Can you please help me?” I asked kindly.

“Oh my goodness. Of course I can help you. Come in.” she squealed out. I thanked her and followed her inside. There were only two other people in the cabin.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” she asked sweetly.

“Uh it’s Annabel.” I replied nervously.

“Alright. What do you last remember?” She asked handing me a glass of water. I quickly drank it and set the glass down on the table beside me.

“Well, I was at my house. Someone broke in and I didn’t know what to do. My parents weren’t home and I was scared. The last thing I remember was the intruder poking a needle in my neck and everything went black.” I explained quietly.

“Oh gosh. Where are you from, honey?” a lady with brown hair asked me.

“Uh, Chicago.” I said nervous of what she was going to reply with.

“Sweetie. You’re very far from home. This is Colorado.” The blonde said slowly. I couldn’t believe what she had just told me. I wasn’t even in Chicago anymore. I was in a whole different state. What about my parents? My house? How am I going to get home?

“Uh. I don’t know where to go. I want to go home and I don’t know how my parents will react to me being gone. What day is it?”  I asked nervously.

“It’s May 21st.” A guy with black hair spoke up.

“Oh my gosh. I’ve been gone for a month. I’ve been knocked out for a month. It was April 21st when that happened. What am I going to do? Please tell me you guys can help me.” I stuttered out in shock.

“We can. We just need your parent’s phone number. We can give them a call.” The guy said to me.

“My name is Connor. The blonde is Suzanne and the brunette is Cindy.”  I was so scared I wasn’t worrying about if they could kill me.

“First, you have to suffer.” Suzanne said with evil eyes and a knife in her hand.

“W-what?” I asked gulping quickly

“Oh honey, you’re here because of us. Your parents don’t care if you’re alright or not. They’re dead. We did knock you out with the shot and continuously did until now. We thought that you should be up for the first time in a month. I really don’t understand how you’re confused by this though. It’s pretty clear. You’re a long way from home, you woke up in the woods next to a grungy dog, and the only cabin in the woods has nice people in it. What’s the chances of that?” Suzanne said coming a little closer to me.

“Suzanne what are you doing? What are you talking about?” Cindy and Connor asked at the same time.

“What I’ve been meaning to do since this little brat was born and since her stupid parents left high school and got married.” Suzanne said angrily with flames in her eyes

“Annabel didn’t do anything to you, Suzanne. Just because her father chose Annabel’s mother instead of you doesn’t mean you can go killing their daughter. She had nothing to do with her father’s choice. You’re just holding grudges against her because of Jason’s choice. So what Jason chose Stefani instead? It’s the end of the world, apparently. Get over it, Suzanne. How old are you, Annabel?” Connor said

“18.” I said quietly to him

“You can’t kill an 18 year old because of her father’s decision. She wasn’t even close to being around yet, Suzanne. Get over it.” Connor yelled to Suzanne

“Go to the bedroom next door and call 911. They can track the phone. Tell them you need the police. Trust me, Connor and I had no idea she did this. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, Annabel. I’m also sorry about your parents.” Cindy whispered to me. I smiled at her and thanked her quietly.

I ran to the bedroom, shut the door, and locked it so that Suzanne couldn’t get in. I saw the phone on the bedside table and quickly picked it up, checking for a dial tone. There was one. I dialed 911 quickly and waited for the answer.

“911 what’s your emergency?” the operator answered after the third ring.

“Hi, my name is Annabel and I’m in trouble.” I said

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” she replied immediately

“There’s a person with a knife in this cabin threatening to kill me. She broke into my house a month ago in Chicago, Illinois, kidnapped me, drugged me for a month, and killed my parents. She wants to kill me. Please send some police.” I explained quickly

“Can you tell me where you are?” she asked

“No. Please track the phone to this location.” I said

“Done. Some police are on their way right now.”

“Thank you. Bye.” I said hanging up.

After I hung up, I ran to the door and unlocked it. I walked out and went to the edge of the hallway to see what was going on. Suzanne was freaking out and Connor was yelling at her. Then in the blink of an eye, Suzanne ran to Connor and stabbed him in the stomach. The only thing I could hear was Cindy’s cries. Apparently Connor and Cindy were dating. Cindy was crying and screaming for him to stay with her. Suzanne was on the floor realizing she had just stabbed her friend.

Finally, the sirens were heard. The police were finally here. I ran to the door but I didn’t realize that Suzanne was behind me until I felt pain in my abdomen. My hand flew to my stomach and when I pulled it away, there was blood. I screamed and fell to the floor. That’s when the police came in. Suzanne was arrested and that was all I saw before I blacked out.

I woke up to a bright light coming from the room I was in. There were people quietly whispering from the chairs in my room. I opened my eyes and slowly sat up, feeling the pain from where I was stabbed. The whispering stopped and I looked over to see Cindy and Connor sitting in the chairs. They both quickly stood and walked over to me.

“We’re so glad you’re okay. And we’re also so sorry that this happened to you.” Connor said

“Why are you sorry? You were stabbed too.” I said to him

“Because if we would have known this was Suzanne’s fault and she did this, we would’ve helped you a long time ago.” He replied

“Oh. Thanks for everything.” I said. “My parents are gone. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“Well that’s why we’re still here.” Cindy spoke up

“As you may know now, Cindy is my wife.” Connor started. “We aren’t able to have kids and you still need a place to live. How would you like to live with us?”

“I would love to.” I said excited. “Thank you so much!”

“No problem. We are really excited for this.” Connor said

“Do you know when I can get released from here?” I asked. “And when I can get my stuff from my house in Chicago?”

“You are being released now and there’s some clothes in the chair over there for you and we can go once you’re signed out of here to get your stuff.” Cindy said

“Okay. Thank you.” I said happily. My life finally just got better.

The author's comments:

I wrote this based off of a prompt that I had in English class this year. I am excited that I finally finished it. Hope you like it!

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on Feb. 9 2017 at 11:19 pm
AithlynFreye BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
4 articles 0 photos 10 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I wonder sometimes if the motivation for writers ought to be contempt, not admiration." -Orson Scott Card

Thank you so much! This was the very first mystery I've ever written so I'm glad you liked it!

on Oct. 1 2016 at 9:32 pm
Aaliyah_Williams03 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Favorite Quote:
"We read to know we're not alone."

do u want to collab. I love ur stories they r great.

--Em-- GOLD said...
on Jan. 12 2016 at 12:05 pm
--Em-- GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Great job! I loved how you presented a mystery in the first paragraph, it made me want to keep reading.