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The Change

April 7, 2015
By Creative-Writer BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Creative-Writer BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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We know what we are, but know not what we may be. -William Shakespeare

I know what he was before.  But whatever he is now is not the same as what he was before.  When we first me two summers ago he was a normal human boy who I fell in love with.  He stole my heart, and I think he still has it, he is still taking care of it.  But he isn't a human boy anymore.  I don't know what to classify him as.  He isn't like any of the creatures in the storys.  He doesn't have fangs, or thick fur all over his body.  He can't fly or control things with his mind. Although his streangth is stronger than.... even graphene, and he moves faster than the wind.  His eyes change with his mood, either bright purple, sky blue, blood red, or green, I've even seen them a pink before.  He looks like a normal human boy besides his eyes; until he changes anyway.  When he changes his skin turns a dark red, and his eyes are always pure black.  He grows a tail and his nails become black, as if he painted them or something.  But he is still human shaped when he turnes into what ever the heck you want to call it, it's just he doesn't look human when he changes.  I don't know what it is, but he is still mine.  I was terrified at first, but he is still him.  It's still the same person with the same mind, the same heart, and the same soul.  I asked him once, what happened.  He only looked at me and observed the question lingering in the air.  Eventually he smiled, and said it was a gift from God.  God?  He said he ran from the depths of the thick fire and from the man with horns; he said in his great escape he ran into God. GOD? What ever that means....  I watched his eyes turn a silver white when he told me, but then it was gone.  He is still mine. I still love him. I just don't know what he is anymore.  What is he?!?!  Nothing but this .. Uh .. gift? has changed about him.  He seems to protect me from everything.  Even little things.  Like two weeks ago he stopped me in the middle of my room, and moved a needle from the floor.  He is still his sweet self; Even when he changes.  But yesterday during his sleep, I heard him whisper to get away.  "I don't want nothing to hurt you, and I am nothing but an opening to danger" he said.  I remember how he emphisised the word "danger".  Had he self - estem become low sense his change?  I thought it was okay, because he was him.  But today, when I woke up he was already awake.  Only he wasn't him.  He changed into what ever the heck you want to call it, and he was staring at me.  His eyes! They were pure black, even the whites, like normal, only his iris was was a bitter lime green.  My breath was gone; escaped in a rush from my lungs.  I didn't say anything, and neither did he.  He just stood there for what seemed like forever.  Then,  Finally I watched his hair turn from it's natural black to blood red. His HAIR!!! why his hair?  I watched him change more.  His nails were already black, but changed to an aqua blue, just as his eyes did.  He looked like more of a monster than ever.  He started at me, rarely blinking, but when he did, it was from the sides instead of the top and botton.  He just stared at me, and then he was gone.  I felt a huge rush of air flow through my room as he ran away.  He ran so fast.  I noticed that on the carpet where he stood was now a white color instread of the ugly brown it was.(I had been waiting forever for my parents to change it.) It was WHITE! white. white.  WHITE!!!!!!! I'm losing my mind, I sware.  But everytime I close my eyes, I feel him staring at me.  And every once in a while he whispers to me.  Sense this morning he has told me he loved me twice, and that he was sorry once.  "Sorry for what?" I whispered back.  Nothing.  Then, I felt him breath on my neck, and turned around to see him.  He was back to his normal "change" now.  He told me something I will never forget, and I don't know how much I will see him anymore. "I will always love you" he said then "But I will never be normal ... again".

The author's comments:

Hmm. Interesting isn't it? It kinda reminds me of this one guy I fell in "love" with, and then he changed and became more independent and careless.  ........OH! wait! that's exactly what it's like. only not like the story... Lol

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