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Alone at Home

November 10, 2014
By Anonymous

It was the longest night of the year. My house was on the country side and I was alone in my house. I found a old scary movie, and I stared to watch it, that movie was very scary. While I was watching that movie I heard Someone’s Screaming. I thought it’s just in movie. After like 5 minutes I heard someone’s running. I took out my shotgun incase if something happen.

I turned off my TV and I sit on a chair. Later after 2 minutes somebody knocked my DOOR!!. I felt strange, because there was no one on the country side. I was the only one alone here. Someone knocked my door again. I quickly get up and start walking toward the door, while I was holding my Shotgun.

I slowly opened my door but I saw NOTHING !!!. I stared to feel scared. I closed my door and when I looked back I saw a lady standing behind me. She was wearing, white cloths and blood was all over her cloths. She had long hairs and red eyes. My body started to shake. I pointed my gun at her with my shaking hands. I asked her “who are you?” She said “ I AM BACK” , and she disappeared in my house!!!!!

The author's comments:

my english teacher told us to write a story scary story for halloween

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This story has potential, and I kind of like the way it's going. But I'm sorry to say that your grammar's not exactly perfect, and your sentence structure is confusing. Please work on it!