The Killer

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What happened T?

What do you mean what happened detective?
Look I’m trynna help you get out of trouble but I can’t if you don’t tell me

But nothing, there was witnesses that said you were there. So I’m going to ask you again…Where were you the night of January 14, 2014 around 11:59 pm? When Mr. Yearby was shot multiple times and died instantly.

I was.
Before you continue I will tell you right now that if you lie, you will prosecuted. You will also go to jail for hiding a suspect.

I didn’t …kill…him.
I never said you did. But you do know who killed him.

Well I saw a couple guys down the street.
Okay… How did you see them? Where were you? Who are they? I need names.

Uhh… I went to get some fresh air because I was in a huge argument with my boyfriend. Well it was getting heated so I left. I was smoking the bit of my cigarette when I saw the guys across the street. I saw Spencer clearly from where I was standing. Everyone calls him SJ for short… that’s my ex we dated for the longest time. Then I saw TJ or “Mr. Yearby”. There was a fight between the two. TJ pulled a gun on Spencer… Well Spencer ended up taking the gun and shot him… it was clearly self defense.
Hmm…well thank you I will be talking to Spencer very shortly then.

Wait what?!?!
Is there a problem Miss. Rene’? of course not... I just don’t want him to know that I was here.
Okay well I will go talk to my colleagues for a bit. Be right back.
Sure take your time
Spencer what happened January 14,2014?

What you talking about man?
I didn’t stutter…did I?

Yo man, if you think I killed him you wrong.
Who did then? Because people said that it was all you.

Really? Okay… TJ was like a brother to me. No way I would never shoot someone. We had an argument because: he was with my girl, he stole from me, and he was my best friend and he backstabbed me.
Who’s your girl?

Her name is T.
Last name?

Okay…Well he was with your girl that’s why you killed him?

NOOO way.
What happened then?

Well me and him got into a huge argument. I swung at him and we ended up fightin… it hurt me because we were so close. I didn’t want to but it had to be done. Well T was across the street and we stopped when she made her way over to us. Well I didn’t realize she had a gun with her because my back was facing her.

I was spitting out blood out and I didn’t want her to see what was going on. I heard shots being fired. At first I thought it was me. I went into shock because I thought I was shot and my whole life flashed before me. When I came back to reality, I turned around I was just standing there…I saw six bullets that pierced the heart in his chest…There was six rivers of blood that was streaming down his lifeless body. I fell to my knees instantly asking for help. Right then and there I saw the darkness presence of death that took his body away. His blood was all over the palms of my hands. I stayed there holding his body.
What happened to T?

She disappeared when the gun was fired.
Thank you for all your help. I’m sorry for you loss. But your cooperation is greatly appreciated…Have a nice day.
Miss. Rene’?

Quick question… did TJ try to get with you, or did you try to get with him?

What? You talkin crazy me and him were just friends… I have a boyfriend… we engaged actually.
Do you mind telling me your fiancés name?

His name is Spencer.
Earlier you said Spencer was your ex.

I…I mean
Where was he shot?

In the chest six times…it was right across his chest like a straight line.
How do you know that?

I was there I told you.
But you know exactly where he was shot. Also, if you were across the street, clearly you wouldn’t have been able to see exactly where he was shot…Therefore you killed him.

No…I didn’t mean to kill him…I love him
Then why’d you kill him?

I tried to kill Spencer.
Why he is your soon to be husband?

Because he never loved me… I was just for a show and like a trophy to him. TJ treated me like a princess and I fell in love with him.
Do you realize what you will be charged with…murder?

Oh I know…That’s why I have a surprise for you detective
And what is that?

Well let me show you
Put that gun away killing me won’t do…

So much talkin he needa stop. Well I just killed one of your men and his innocent blood is now among your floor of “justice”. You can take me to jail now.

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