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The Mystery

April 4, 2014
By Anonymous

When we first moved into the house I felt like the house was trying to tell me something. I could never really tell what it wanted with me, it would creep me out sometimes because I was the only in the family to feel this, all my family thought I was crazy that I was only feeling like this because it’s a new house but I know that is not true. One night while I was sleeping I felt my name being called, it was like w whisper. This has happened over the past few weeks, the weird thing is that t only happens at 1 in the morning. I decided enough was enough I had to get to the end if this. Later on that day I went up to my history teacher and asked her if she knew anything about the house 2781 Melody Av. She just stayed quiet and asked me why. I told her that I just moved into that house with my family a week ago and her eyes almost popped out of her eyes of shock.

“No one has lived there in a long time” she says. “A woman and her husband and two daughters lived there, her husband was a drunken loser and people say that one day he got so drunk he killed his wife and one of his daughters, luckily the other escaped and called the cops. Thank god that drunken loser is locked up in jail for a really long time.” O really wasn’t expecting a story like this, I was really shocked and scared at the same time I had no idea what the house wanted with me now. Kill me? I went straight home and decided to take a nap to try to relax a bit. Later on I woke up at 1. I looked around and saw a woman standing by my bed, her body was covered with a white sheet. Who are you I asked.”My name is Judy, I lived here with my family.” Oh im sorry our husband killed you and your daughter I said.” What did you say” she asked. I said im- no! She yelled. They didn’t find it! No! No! She yelled. I left a note under the carpet right there. I get of my bed and check and find a small note there. I open to read it and as I finished I was in complete shock, I could not believe what I just read.

It wasn’t the husband who killed his family I was the daughter, she planned everything. Everyone believed her. I can’t believe it I tell her. “I know neither can I but it was her who killed me, that’s why I left the note thinking someone will find it and bring her to justice. But it’s now up to you to tell everyone the truth! Tell them what happened, let me rest in peace please!” She begged. Yes ill help you, I will bring her to justice and let you rest I promise. Thank you so much is all she said and disappeared into the dark. I knew I always had to do something to help someone until today I knew I what I had to do. I immediately called 911 and told them everything. At first they didn’t believe me and thought it was some dumb prank until I showed them the evidence I got they knew I was telling the truth. In that same day they arrested her girl who killed the family her name was Janice she was living in North Carolina, they brought her back here to pay for her crimes and let go on her dad because he was innocent. I feel bad for him. He was in jail for 9 years for a crime he never committed. But im glad things got cleared up and now he could be free like his family. I felt a relief in me, like a new person. If you do something bad karma will always come back and bite you in the a**.

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