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As Nina and Hannah were taking a walk around the block, they noticed that there was a ton of smoke coming out of Steve McCormick’s house. They thought it was a bit strange because it was the hottest day of the year. So, they decided to check it out. When they rang the doorbell, no one answered, but they heard voices coming from inside the house. So, Nina and Hannah went to the back of the house and noticed that the back door had been left opened. As Nina slipped through the door, she noticed a burning stench. As she followed the stench straight down the hall, she noticed there were no pictures hanging on the walls. The walls were cruddy and the paint was chipping. She continued towards a door that had a huge “X” across it. She opened the door, and walked down the steps, leading to the basement.
The basement was dark and filled with smoke. There were glass bottles all over the walls. Some were filled with chemicals and fluids, while others were empty. The basement floor was covered with a long, wide tarp, and there were huge bags hanging off the back of the supply closet. Meanwhile, the owner of the house was lurking around upstairs; totally oblivious to the fact that Nina was inside his house. As Nina was walking around, she had stumbled into to something. She was so close to it, that she could feel the heat burning her skin. The light of the fire lit up her face. She was so stunned to see what had been burning in the fire pit that she backed up into a bunch of glass bottles. The bottles hit the floor, shattering.
Steve immediately rushed to the basement to see what had happened. Unfortunately, one of the glass bottles had fallen on Nina’s head, and she became unconscious. Steve found Nina laying on the floor unconscious, and did the only thing he could do. He threw her body into the fire pit, leaving her to burn unconscious, but alive.

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