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Only the Good Die Young

March 28, 2009
By Hanni3 BRONZE, Murphysboro, Illinois
Hanni3 BRONZE, Murphysboro, Illinois
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Geri Francelli stood silently in the doorway of her older sisters room. It was a room that Geri had always been jealous of because it was perfectly decoreated and neat. That was Marie for you, neat freak. Standing there, Geri felt tears form in her eyes. It didn't seem possible that Marie could just be gone. A couple hours ago she had sat in that very room putting on her lip gloss. Geri had danced with her. For some reason just then, Geri tried to remember what song they had been dancing to. She just couldn't remember and for some reason it really bugged her. It would have been easy to find out, nothing hasd been movied in Marie's room. The C.d. was probably still in the disc drive. Geri couldn't go in though, she half exspected Marie to come slam the door in her face and tell her to get a life. This couldn't be real. This kind of thing didn't happen to people like her, this was the king of thing you hear about in the newspaper or on t.v. Normal people's daughters didn't just die in car accidents. But Marie did.

Marie had been such a bright girl. She was smart and popular. Very pretty and most importantly, nice. She loved psycho analyzing people and figuring them and herself out. Her life long dream was to be a social worker, one that placed kids in good safe foster homes and permanent ones. But, thought Geri bitterly, life was just snuffed out. like it didn't matter. To Geri though, it did matter, a whole lot.

Geri's mother had insisted that Geri and Mark stay out of school for two weeks even though both wanted to try and get back to normal. At home, their mother said, they could express their feelings however they wanted and would not be judged for it. The thing was that neither one of the wanted to express their, they just wanted to be nobodys for a while and school was the place for that. They didn't want to face their feelings just yet.

The author's comments:
this is an excert from a story i am writing. hope you like

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