A Story for the Soulless

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Bump-bump Bump-bump-bump Bump-bump Bump-bump-bump Bump goes her strong willing heart with a lifeless body holding its power captive in a small heart in a breaking body. Nothing louder in the house than her strong willing heart struggling to stay alive. Eyes open wide with a glossy glare staring through the wall. As her head lies there’s distort, her somehow flawless skin has a single tear gliding down her emotionless face. A dark figure enters the room just hovering over her body, unable to tell who it may be yet still nothing races through her mine but emptiness. The room begins to rumble uncontrollably of after shocks of a thunder storm with the noise of rain hitting against the window sill pitter-patter pit-pit.

The figure standing over her jerks away seeming to stare outside at a bright light shining through the shaking crystalline window. Vanishing as fast as it appears. The young women laying on the bed began coughing louder than a bowling alley. In between coughs with a shaky voice “hello? Anyone there? Hello?!” still coughing curling up in a ball crawling to the edge of the back of the bed eyes darting in every dark corner that seems to be moving. Once she begins calming down listening to the now calming rain she’s spooked by the door creaking open a female figure appearing in the door frame with a creepy smile on her face she spoke “Good to see you awake, Ari, you must have had a bad trip and passed out.. how are you feeling?” Ari slightly confused responded

“wha-.. how do you know my name? Where am i? and what is the horrid but delicious smell!?”

“oh..i see you don’t remember last night, am I right?” Ari nods shyly.

“ you checked yourself in yesterday night. Come, come I’ll show you around.” Cautiously crawling off the bed Ari slinked towards the lady by the door just out of arms reach. “oh come here dear, I wont harm you!” She spoke with a grinning grimace on her face. With those words spoke Ari felt a bit more at ease stepping into the grasps of the oddly kind lady standing in front of her. Still trying to get comfortable Ari spoke

“So… where are we going?” mouse like almost un-hearable. Chuckling she chimed “ a.. how you say, tour of the motel of course! Since you can’t..-pause- remember”

Ari began looking suspicious to the lady but suddenly her spine snapped up straight, like the whisper in the wind, Ari became scintilla. Stepping out of the now more comforting place she was once torpid slumber; a eerie feeling crept over her. The smell of marijuana & gun smoke filled her now inflamed nostrils with the sting of concentrated bleach. Looking around seeing lifeless bodies sleeping to the sound of never ending wailing of sirens & screams. The Ladies bewildered faces stunned oh how calm and wondrous Ari looks. As the wailing and screaming continues they keep going forward and the more repugnant the lady became as if she’s being possessed by demons that tortured when she was in a deep sleep earlier that seemed to have given a power beyond human control. Stuttering the lady began
“s-so… how do you like what you see so f-far?” just as she finished her sentence abruptly she spoke in a two-toned deep demanding Scream.
The lady’s eyes grew eyes as she staggered backwards watching her rise from the ground as if levitating. As if demons are trapped inside of Ari; her eyes close to some form of light seems to leak out. as fast as she closed them a ray of light shoots out of them and they turn blood red as black tears stroll down her face. The lady staggers back as a blood curdling scream escapes her lips.
With a smile in Ari’s voice she proclaims
“What are you afraid of?”
“uh.. i-i.. uh” the lady sputters.
“ Didn’t see this coming.. did you? Not everyone is what them seem..”
Ari turns grinning. Her eyes scan the room witnessing a man eyes wide open with pain bleeding from a unknown source content with his state. All of a sudden she sees blurred incorporeal figures moving about all around her some big, some small, never not in motion unable to stay still darting by her. The Lady finally finds her composure, straightens her spine while clearing her throat saying a little unsteadily

“Well this is nothing out of the ordinary now.. gh-ghosts are always roaming around. As for the books flying off the shel-“
unable to finish her sentence she ducks down dodging a book merely seconds before it slams against the wall behind her.
“ah-em. As I was saying books flying off the shelves. Curtains catching on fire, doors opening and closing on their own.”
Still leading Ari’s body that seems to still be afloat around the motel, explaining the surroundings. Walking up to the front desk.

“Oh! I forgot introduce myself, I’m the receptionist. You may call me… Imogen.”
Glass shatters and thunder claps as she spoke her name. In the background you hear a little green man grinning like a dog with a dinosaur bone saying “ You have entered the pits of h3)), Welcome to Death Motel, Satan will be right will you.”

“And this is Death Motel, and the wildness has just begun.”

Abruptly the girl you’ve known as Ari sprung up form a laying down position drenched in sweat. Eyes wide as saucers, peeled back nearly popping out of her head with slight fear and confusing. She began patting herself down making sure everything’s intact, relief washes over her. Thinking to herself; It was only a dream… Or was it..?

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