The Christmas Night

This Christmas my family and I got together to celebrate Christmas Eve, we were all having a good time. My cousins and I were waiting for to hit to 12am and we started talking about scary stories. My cousins were telling their own stories and my turn came up, and I started my story.

Last Christmas Eve it was late at night and I was driving to the store by the cemetery when I saw a little girl standing in the snow by the side of the road. She looked young, she looked like 10 years old and she didn’t have a sweater. There was nobody around, so I thought she was waiting for someone.

I stopped and asked her, “Are you lost?”

She said “no,”

I asked her if she needed a ride home.

She said, “Yes please, I live right at the corner by the gas station by the cemetery.”

I asked her what her name was and she said, “Alicia.”

I handed my sweater to her because it was too cold for her not having a sweater on, then she told me, “you can go and pick up your sweater”, and thanked me for the ride.

The next morning I stopped by to get my sweater and to drop off of a Christmas gift. A woman opened the door, “Alicia here?” “I asked. I came to pick up my sweater and drop her off a Christmas gift.”

The woman looked at me really strange, “It must have been another little girl,” she said. “Alicia was my daughter, but she passed away almost two years ago, she’s buried in the cemetery.”

I was so shocked that I told her I was really sorry for her daughter being lost. I walked away with no words on my mouth, my mind was blank. I couldn’t believe I saw a dead girl and thought she was alive and actually talking to me. The next morning I went to the cemetery to go see Alicia’s grave; lying across the grave there was my sweater. On the side of the grave stone was a picture of her, and it was the exactly girl I took home and let her barred my sweater.

My cousins couldn’t believe what had happened to me. They were thinking on never passing by the cemetery ever again by themselves, because they didn’t want to see that little girl in the snow.

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