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The Beginning of the End

August 12, 2012
By musicluvr3 GOLD, San Diego, California
musicluvr3 GOLD, San Diego, California
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The Beginning of the End
The mist that blurred his image
The radiant shafts of light that broke thought the overcast sky
The fear that never existed for the great monarch
The calm that he possessed, and spread to his people
The death that was inevitably coming
Majestic crown, golden shine waning
Once chromatic feathers drained of color, only the melancholy blues remaining
Piecing green eyes, never blinking, never faltering, fixed ahead
Arms spread wide, as if to welcome his end
Because his end, as he knew it, would be a new beginning
A cool breeze carried dead leaves, swirling about the men whose deaths would transform them from cowards to heroes
Tickling their fuzzy skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps
As if to warn them of what they already possessed knowledge
The sound of silence echoed throughout their broken minds and scarred souls
They were to become one with the dead world, every fragment of life sucked from its very core
Even the bare, frostbitten branches of hollowed trees were still
Everything else was gone
There was nothing left to remember
Only the present lingered, without even a hope of the future
And so they walked onwards, for death was the only place left for them to go
Once a thousand, now only few remained
Death impatiently coming to comrades
Before they could go to death
Following their leader, they walked on
It was a leisurely stroll for some, who had nothing to offer
But their nifty cockroach-like ability to stay alive
But to all others
It was a dreadful battle march
On they went, to meet the infamous creature called death
It was an end, he knew it
And it was just starting

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