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Need to be Safe

January 23, 2012
By koala_song BRONZE, Pitttsburgh, Pennsylvania
koala_song BRONZE, Pitttsburgh, Pennsylvania
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BANG!!!!!! My front door swung open. I sat up in shock as flashes of lightning illuminated the room. Slowly maneuvering to my closed bedroom door, I pressed an ear to the side of the doorframe and waited. After several treacherous moments of intense breath holding, I relaxed when I heard nothing.

“C’mon Melody,” I muttered, “You’re strong and it’s just the wind. Your first night in a new house is always the hardest. It was probably just the wind. Relax. You’re a strong girl!!!”

I was quite pleased with my pep talk but instead of going downstairs to investigate or at least shut the front door, I locked my bedroom door and wrapped myself up in the covers. One click of a button filled my room with the latest hip-hop and rap music, as my favorite band sang their newest song; I closed my eyes and gave myself to sleep.

THUD….THUD…THUD. Steady rhythmic thuds grew louder and closer. Clutching the blankets , I realized those thuds were someone’s footsteps walking towards my room. A flicker of a light appeared in the crack between the floor and the floor as the person stopped in front of my door as I tried to think of a plan. Purely terrified, I weakly crept into my closet and tried hard not to make a sound. As I covered myself with various coats and articles of clothing, I frantically prayed nothing bad would happen to me.

*click* The faint sound of my bedroom door lock being picked rattled every bone on my body. Not one of the scenarios of what would happen next were good.

“Melody…” A silky voice taunted “Melody Verde… come out come out wherever you are. I know you’re in here.”

Holy crap!!!!! Whoever this person was, was in my room and knew my name!!!!

“You can’t hide from me forever you know,” A chuckle escaped this intruder’s lips, “I can smell the fear lurking in your heart. Come out baby, I’ll replace that fear with happiness and safely. Just come out now. It’ll be easier that way.”

I bit my lip as I pondered what my next move shall be. Obviously, this guy was psycho but smooth. I didn’t know what he wanted from me! It wouldn’t be long till he found me and once he did, maybe-
Wood splitting violently interrupted my silent freak out. I heard a loud thud which shook the whole room. Whatever the creeper broke had to of been large. The whole house was now swallowed in darkness. The handle to my closet door slowly turned and was pulled open. A flashlight circled the room. The light provided by the flashlight warmed the frigid cold room. As the heat from the flashlight grew warmer, I realized that the person found me when I heard the tentative steps coming towards me. Suddenly, the layers of clothes were thrown off of me as I huddled in the corner. A rough and muscular man appeared above me. He extended a hand and waited for me to take it. I refused and looked away from him. My gaze skirted to a stop when I saw a gangster looking dude passed out on my bedroom floor. OMG!!!!! I gasped! The man standing in front of me, said, “C’mon. We have to get you out of here.”
“NO” I demanded. “This is my house and I’m not walking out of here!!”

He smiled, “fine”
Satisfaction filled my heart until he walked closer towards me, He picked me up as if I were a baby and carried me to the bedroom widow.

“WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!!???!!!” I yelled.
“Shhhhh….he’s gonna wake up. You won’t walk out, I’m gonna get you out” He lumped out of t he window and softly landed on the ground. As we were flying through the air, my house erupted in flames. I gasped and buried my head in his shoulder. I looked up at him, “Who are you?”

He smiled a charming reassuring smile and replied, “C’mon, Let’s get you somewhere safe.”

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