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Maybe Two

December 14, 2011
By GodsGirl36 PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
GodsGirl36 PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
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The golden eyed girl took a moment to ponder her question. This destruction had all been recent; the buildings were still burning! Yet she sat on the cold, damp concrete steps leading to one of the crumbling skeletons. How strange, she thought to herself.

Whatever the matter was, the golden eyed girl was a resourceful and clever girl. She knew she would need to find shelter before the deep blackness of night fell upon the ruins. Who knew what devil would make the broken town its playground.

The girl rose and wandered down what was left of the main road, skirting debris and potholes along the way. All around her the burnt bones of houses and other structures stood, visibly slouching towards the blackened earth. She kept an eye peeled for any movement. All the while, night was descending; she had to find shelter…fast.

Little did the golden eyed girl realize that the perfect hiding spot was a few yards ahead and to her left. Someone had already found the cozy niche in the roots of a giant oak tree that stood next to what had been the home of the town’s wealthiest family. The roots had grown in such a way that they had formed a sort of cocoon with an opening large enough for someone to slip through. Now a grown man could not fit into the space so the golden eyed girl was not in any danger but she was being watched. Eyes as pale blue as hers were deep gold followed her journey along the pock marked street. Her observer wondered if something should be done; if there was room in the crawl space for two bodies.


The golden eyed girl had no idea of the inner conflict her observer was dealing with. Her mind was concentrated on seeking shelter before night had fully fallen. She was so caught up in debating where to go that she almost didn’t see the rock flying out of nowhere and landing on the ground in front of her. She looked up, startled and turned to glance in the direction the rock had come from. No one was there. All she saw was the remains of what must have been a spectacular house and the carcass of a majestic tree. Curious. As she turned back to continue on her way, another rock landed about six inches to the left of the first one. Very curious. She turned back around and another rock fell in front of her. She walked forward and the flying rocks led her to the roots of the tree. A hand, tanned by long hours in the sun, thrust out of the tangle and motioned her closer. She crept forward and found an opening large enough for her to slip through. Carefully, she slid down under the tree. There , in the shadows, two pale eyes stared out at her. Another gleam and she realized whoever hid in the shadows was smiling at her. A friend, she thought. One person wouldn’t last long in this damaged world but…

Maybe two could…

The author's comments:
This is a continuation of my piece "Just One". So if you haven't read it, you're not really going to get this one...but I hope you enjoy!

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