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Pratum Mea Somnium

September 13, 2011
By Bonus_Weetee67 GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
Bonus_Weetee67 GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
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“Prairie.” I thought as I turned the corner to find tall hedges. One more corner and I was sure to be out of here, but as I turned the next corner, a wall of hedge stood in my way. Rapidly spinning in circles, I searched for any way out. I even looked up to see if somehow I could climb the monstrous infestation of plant. Sweat drenched every inch of my face and clothes. My tank top that once was white had turned a crass, grubby brown. As I looked once more to the night sky and its many children, I figured climbing would be the superlative to the incessant running that I knew my body couldn’t handle anymore of. I remembered that I was in a maze that had no outlet and I could tell claustrophobia was creeping its way up my throat willing me to barf or scram, I wasn’t entirely sure. I started at the sound of a voice—familiar, yet distant. The voice grew louder and closer that I had to put my hands over my ears, but it didn’t help like I needed it to because the sound was still hammering in my ears, threatening my eardrums to burst. My legs shook and I crashed to my knees with my hands still over my ears. I screamed in pure agony at the familiar, torturous voice still reverberating through my ears, vibrating through my whole body. I thrashed around on the ground, grabbing at the roots of the hedges as my eyes burned with tears that ran hot over my cheeks. The tears ran into my mouth, making me taste fire like anger. I just need to get to Prairie. “Prai—Prai—Prairie…” my voice rasped out against the burning. I yanked at the roots of the plant to find more lying underneath. My nails turned brown, then black as the voice heightened to a shrill sound of terror that at first hearing became unbearable. I jolted awake, gasping for breath as cold droplets of sweat ran down my neck and back. In my hands were my twisted sheets, “Not the roots…” I assured myself. I climbed out of bed and ran across the hallway to check on Prairie once more. Cautiously cracking the door, I tip-toed in, avoiding her little trinkets and dress-up shoes dispersed all over the floor, and sat on her bed. Gently stroking back a stray hair, I pulled the covers over her petite, little body and kissed her on the forehead. I returned to my room, then and lay back down to hopefully get some more sleep. “’Prairie.’ I thought as I turned the corner to find tall hedges…”

The author's comments:
The title is in Latin. "Pratum Mea Somnium" means "Prairie, My Dream."

Sometimes you just get inspired by a thought you have and I let all mine unravel on paper.

I hope you enjoy :)

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