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Missing Memories

June 18, 2011
By ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
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The last thing I remember is walking home from my best friend Sunceray’s house. It’s not anything new, almost everyday after school I go to Sunceray’s house, or she will come to mine. Even if its raining. It’s the same .6 miles I walk twice a day, out of no where I’m in the woods. How did I get here? This is the most terrifying thing to ever happen to me! At least it’s day time. I really gotta get out of these woods!

Which way do I go? Well let’s just go forward. It seems like I’ve been walking for hours! I still can’t seem to find a road, stream, trail, anything! I’m really starting to lose hope. After hours and hours of seemingly endless walking, it’s starting to get dark. Finally, I see a road! I follow the road to a small town diner called Grandma’s Kitchen; the people are nice enough to let me use their phone. I call my mom to come get me.

After a few minutes of explaining to my mom I didn’t run away, I didn’t go somewhere with anyone or anything like that, she asks where I am. Where am I? I ask people from the diner. Finally someone gives me an answer instead of looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m in Northern Virginia. How did I get here? I tell my mom and she says she’ll be there as soon as possible. After going home and relaxing, I try to forget about the whole terrifying thing.

How long was I gone? I ask my mom what the date was. She said it was May 15th. I went to Sunceray’s May 13th. I asked my mom why she wasn’t looking for me before. She explains she texted me and I texted back saying I was staying with Sunceray and her family all weekend. Till now I didn’t even notice I didn’t have my phone. Where is my phone? I always have my phone there is no way I would’ve dropped it. I decide not to say anything to my mom and just go to bed. Maybe I’ll remember after a nights sleep.

As I am sleeping, I get this crazy dream. It starts off in a room I do not recognize. The walls are the color of a blue jay, the floors were bamboo, and the room had high ceilings. I was sitting on a beige couch waiting for someone. Waiting for someone…Who was I waiting for? I heard someone coming out of the kitchen. How did I know where the kitchen was? How did I know this house? Then I saw him.

I jerked awake. I rubbed my head. What just happened? I heard my phone vibrate. It was from a number I did not recognize, it said. I wil find u. I found u b4. U cant hide 4evr! My heart sank. He’s looking for me, he knows I left. Who is he?! I tried remembering the man I saw in my dream. I cried in frustration, why can’t I remember what happened?! I looked at my clock. 4:28 a.m. Sunceray won’t be up. Oh well, I’ll call her anyways.
“Hello? Zoe? It’s 4:30 in the morning! What do you want?” sunceray said with a yawn.
I told her what happened and asked if she knew anything. She didn’t answer for a few minutes.
“Hello?” I said.
“You too? I had almost the exact dream. Actually I think I remember sitting next to someone on that couch. Could it have been you?”
“Most likely. Sunceray, what happened?”

“I don’t know, but you can’t tell anyone till we figure this out. Okay?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t planning on telling anyone.”

“Go to sleep. Try and remember anything else. I’ll do the same. I’ll come over first thing tomorrow, alright?”

“Okay…one more thing though.”


“Ask to spend the night tomorrow. I don’t want to be by myself tomorrow.”

“Alright. I don’t want to be either. Well, night.”


I heard the phone click. I tried going back to sleep, after an hour I finally fell into a deep sleep. The dream continued. I looked to my right…Sunceray! It’s Sunceray! Just like she said! The man had his back to us. Strangely I didn’t feel afraid or nervous. The man wasn’t really a man; he only looked about 16 years old. He was going through some papers. He started to turn around, I know him I just can’t remember who he is. This is so annoying! He started talking but I don’t know what he’s saying even though I’m only about 15 feet away from him. He starts walking toward me that’s when I woke up.
It’s 10 a.m. I hear someone come into my room. It’s Sunceray. We never ring the doorbell or knock, that’s how much we are over each others houses. Sunceray sits down, takes a deep breath, and sighs. She tells me everything about her dream she remembers. It’s identical to mine just through her perspective. We really got to figure this out before that guy comes and gets us again!

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